ClockShark's Crew Clock Feature is Live!

By ClockShark | 2 minute read

Today we’re excited to release ClockShark's Crew Clock feature, that allows a supervisor to clock in for others. The updated mobile app is available now on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

One of the features early ClockShark customers (and prospective ones) have asked for most, is a crew mode, that allows a foreman or supervisor to clock in and out for others. This method of clocking people in is especially useful in many situations, such as when some workers don’t have smartphones, or when using short-term day laborers, or tracking the time of hourly subs.

To use ClockShark's Crew Clock, a supervisor simply selects crew members from a list, adds them to their crew and then can punch in for all of them at once. If one worker leaves early, or switches to another task, no worries. You can clock in, clock out, or switch workers (switch job or task), independently of one another. It is not necessary to clock in or out everyone as a group. Of course, the supervisor can also clock in our out for himself.

Here’s a link to the help desk article on our site that explains the feature in more detail.

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