Enablon Review - Safety Management Software

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Enablon Review - Safety Management Software

The Enablon software is an Operational Risk Management, safety, and health management solution for companies to help them track many areas of the company’s resources and compliance needs. It also creates a system for follow-up and organization to assist management with ensuring that important tasks are completed efficiently and on time. The Enablon software is a cloud-based system and can be used on mobile platforms. It has mobile apps for IOS and Android devices.

Enablon Software Features

The Enablon Software has nine main components to its program. These consist of Business Efficiency, Enterprise Control, World Class Compliance, Green Facilities, Safe Operations, Materials for Life, Fit for Work, Brand Protection, and Collaborative supply chain. Each of these components helps to manage the company’s overall supply chain.

Business Efficiency

The Business Efficiency program manages the company’s operational risks, assisting companies with making better choices and becoming more efficient. It has five software applications contained within it. They are Profitability and cost, Metrics Management, Enablon Publisher, Change Management, and Action Plans.

The Enablon software utilizes the business efficiency program to help companies make better choices using the data they collect. They can analyze the data using well-designed reports along with automatic actions from the input of data. The data collected and reported help to catch any performance lags and organizational risks so that the organization can make better choices. The software assists with assessing cost-reducing plans and figuring out which will be the best option for the highest profit margin for the company. Enablon then helps launch those cost-cutting plans.

Enablon Review

Enterprise Control

The Enterprise Control component consists of thirteen applications to manage the company’s operational risks. They are the Risk management, Mobile Safety App, Mobile Inspection App, Mobile Audit App, Internal Audit, Insurance & Claims, Incident/Event Management, Enablon Publisher, Document Control, Continuous Assessment, Business Continuity Management, and Action Plans.

This overarching program helps companies with risk management. It provides a framework of strategic risk management that is usable by all employees to help increase accountability. The program has risk assessment tools as well as techniques for ensuring compliance and management of risks.

World Class Compliance

The World Class Compliance modulates nine applications to help with regulatory compliance and audit management processes. The applications are Regulatory Compliance Management, Product Compliance and Stewardship, Mobile Inspection App, Mobile Audit App, Enablon Publisher, Document Control, Change Management, Audit and Compliance, and Action Plans.

This software can be populated automatically with the required regulatory content needed regardless of where your company resides. Tasks can be created with follow-up actions so that no obligation is ever missed.

Green Facilities Component

The Green Facilities Component has nine applications to help ensure the best systems to obtain licenses and to meet sustainability goals. The applications are Water Management, Waste Management, Utility Data Management, Environmental Analysis, Enablon Publisher, Document Control, Change Management, Air Quality Management, and Action Plans. This software helps analyze and collect real-time data to assess risks. The software helps create standardized processes to alert any concerns and risks of non-compliance.

Safe Operations

The Safe Operations keeps track of information to make sure your employees and assets are safe. It has fifteen applications including Safety Management Software, Process Safety Management, Process Hazard Analysis, Mobile Safety App, Mobile Inspection App, Mobile Audit App, Job Safety Analysis, Incident/Event Management, Enablon Publisher, Document Control, Contractor Safety, Change Management, Behavior-Based Safety, Audit and Compliance, and Action Plans. It is an overarching component that helps assess company risk by assessing, collecting and acting on real-time data.

Materials for Life

The Materials for Life portion has seven applications that help ensure your company is compliant and secure when transporting and delivering chemicals and other materials. They include Regulatory Compliance and Management, Product Compliance and Stewardship, Industrial Hygiene, Enablon Publisher, Document Control, Chemical Substances Management, and Action plans. This suite helps to ensure products comply with regulations and chemical management.

Fit for Work

The Fit for Work program has six applications set up to keep workers healthy and increase productivity. They are Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene, Document Control, Change Management, and Action Plans. This suite helps to integrate safety operations and material management with workers' health.

Brand Protection

The Brand Protection component assists with keeping your brand name safe and active. Its applications include Stakeholder Relationship Management, Enablon Publisher, CSR Reporting and Action Plans. It serves to increase your brand’s reputation and align your values with your strategies.

Collaborative Supply Chain

The Collaborative Supply Chain has four applications that work to improve the delivery of your suppliers and reduce your risk. They are Supply Chain Management, Stakeholder Relationship Management, Responsible Supply Chain, and Enablon Publisher.

This program helps with your supply chain, helping ensure high-quality products that are compliant.

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