New ClockShark Feature: Geofence

By ClockShark | 2 minute read

Ever since we launched ClockShark three years ago, we’ve heard requests for a geofence time tracking feature more than any other request. So today, we’re excited to announce the Geofence feature!

Geofence Time Tracking

With the new Geofence feature, you can set the location of each one of your job sites then create a virtual fence around it.

These geofences will let you do two really cool things that will make your time tracking run more smoothly. You’ll be able to automatically remind your employees to clock in and clock out when they enter or leave a job site fence. You can also get notified on the timesheet and via email when employees punch the clock outside a fence or travel outside a fence while clocked in.

Reduce the Number of Employees Forgetting to Clock Out at Work

The Geofence feature is great for helping remind forgetful employees to clock in and out at the right times. We recently released the Schedule Notifications feature which helps remind employees to clock in and out at specific times of day, or at the times of day you have scheduled them. That was great! But now with Geofence, you have a second way to remind employees based on when they are actually entering and leaving the areas where your jobs or buildings are located.

So, there are now no more excuses for forgetting to clock in and out! Geofence is also going to make your employee’s lives easier since they won’t have the stress of having to go back and make notes about a missed punch, edit/add the punch in their app, or contact your office. Importantly. there’s going to be WAY less work for you back in the office editing things. So you can spend more time on other stuff. We know you’ve got plenty of things to do, right? ?

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