Introducing ClockShark and Xero Integration

Category: Product | By ClockShark | 2 minute read | Updated Jul 19, 2018
Introducing ClockShark and Xero Integration

ClockShark & Xero: Partners in Time and Payroll

We are excited to announce that ClockShark now integrates with Xero, a leading accounting software for small businesses. Using Xero with ClockShark, you can quickly export time records to your Xero account for invoicing, payroll, or just for fun! 😄

You may have noticed that so far this year, we’ve been busy releasing many new features and software integrations. Well, this is our latest one. We worked hard on it for you, so we hope you like it.

How Does Xero Work With ClockShark?

Xero Integration

ClockShark gracefully synchronizes all the employees in your Xero account, allowing you to map Xero employees to ClockShark employees. Not only does this allow you to quickly export employee time records to Xero for accurate payroll, but it also means that the timesheets don’t have to be entered into Xero by hand. Or by foot, if you’re creative.

How Much Does it Cost to Use ClockShark alongside Xero?

Don’t get out your wallet, because it’s NOTHING! That’s right. There are no add-on fees for integrating ClockShark with Xero. We want you to be able to run your business better, so the Xero integration is included in your ClockShark subscription. No extra cost.

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How Do I Get Started Using ClockShark with Xero?

Simple! Our 5-Star Customer Success team is wanting, willing, and wishing to help you connect your ClockShark account with your Xero account. Feel free to give us a quick call @ 1.800.828.0689, or message us at [email protected] for immediate assistance integrating with Xero.

If you’ve thought about using ClockShark, but haven’t taken the last, easy step to sign up for your free 14-day trial, you can do that here. Not only will you get access to this powerful integration with Xero, but you will also enjoy GPS tracking, mobile scheduling, and all the rest of ClockShark’s fabulous features.

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