Maintenance Connection Review - Maintenance Management Software

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Maintenance Connection Review - Maintenance Management Software

The Maintenance Connection Software is a maintenance management system that is cloud-based, so it is portable. Maintenance Connection began offering CMMS solutions in 1999. The goal of the Maintenance Connection software is to prolong and manage the lifecycle of a company’s assets. Also, the software tracks and manages the costs of maintaining assets as well as assisting in managing and planning and for possible repairs and replacements as needed.

The Maintenance Connections Software is supported on the following operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 2000. It can also be used via a Web Browser for the Mobile version.

Maintenance Connection Features

The software is designed so that each user can have their login and will find a landing page designed specifically for their role. The landing page is well laid out showing work assignments and items that are importantly highlighted in red. There is a calendar that shows the users scheduled work. To view work orders, a user can see the My Matrix feature.


My Matrix view will show an editable page to adjust the work orders directly. The software is flexible and customizable. The fields and screens are configurable to the needs of your company. You can create access groups within your organization and add as many sites as you need based on your business size requirements.


Maintenance Connection is a user-friendly software that provides separate applications within the program that are designed specifically for each role in a company. They offer an application for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations work center.

In this application, the user would process support requests, set up preventive maintenance schedules, create work orders, reorder inventory and create purchase orders. They offer a Technician Workcenter application. This application is designed to view work order assignments which can then either be completed, finalized or closed. 


The Reporter Application is used to create, change and run reports for the company. These reports are also able to be accessed through the Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Work Center, but if a user only needs a report, this is a simple place to access it. Maintenance Connection allows users to email reports on a scheduled interval automatically.

Service Request

The Service Requester Application gives the user the ability to submit a service request. The user can also review the status and provide feedback. Service Requests can also be found in the Maintenance Repair, and Operations Work Center, but it is quicker to go directly to the service request application if that is all you need.


Maintenance Connection has a variety of CMMS features that it offers with its software. The CMMS features you will find provided within their software are Work Order Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Mobile, Security, Equipment Inventory Management and Reporting.

Work Order Management

The Work Order management system allows requests to be filled out quickly and get right to the technicians who will be working on it. This system helps track and analyze the work orders, labor used, materials consumed, etc.

Enterprise Asset Management

The Enterprise Asset system helps prolong the life of company assets and inform decisions about repairing versus replacing them.

Preventive Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance Software helps decrease the need for repairs and downtime by tracking required maintenance on assets. It gives companies the ability to see issues with their equipment before there is a problem.


The Mobile CMMS Software allows workers to take the software with them on the job and access the database when they need it.

Maintenance Connections

The Maintenance Reporting Software helps to analyze and extract the data from Maintenance Connection. The Maintenance Connections CMMS system is secured with authentication so that each user must sign on using their username and password as well as their technical staff that maintains the safety and security of the system.’

Maintenance Connection Software Overview

Maintenance Connection offers a few options if you want to learn more about their software. The first step is to go to their website. Once you are there, they have an option where you can watch some demos of their software. To look at the demos you simply put in your name and email and you will have a variety of demos to choose from including an overview, an assets demo, inventory demo, work orders demo, reports demo, service requester demo, preventive maintenance demo, and mobile demo. These take you through the basics of the software so you can get a straightforward overview of Maintenance Connection.

They also offer a free trial. To get started click on the “Free Trial” button on the top right, you will need to input your name, company name and email and some other information and submit it. You will then be taken to a page and prompted to email the company. Once you are set up with your login, you will be able to log in and try out your free trial.

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