6 New ClockShark Features You Asked For

Category: Product | By ClockShark | 1 minute read | Updated Sep 14, 2014
6 New ClockShark Features You Asked For

Just wanted to let you know what we’re working on behind the scenes at ClockShark. We’ve been talking with early customers to better understand their needs around construction time tracking. After many conversations, we’ve focused on what we’re working on over the next few months as ClockShark Features.

New ClockShark Features

1. New, Completely Redesigned Mobile App

We’re replacing the launch version of the mobile app with a completely overhauled native mobile app for Android and iPhone/iPad. The new app will offer some additional features (listed below) plus a much-improved interface and look/feel.

2. Crew Punch Feature

This feature will allow a supervisor to clock in for his whole crew via the mobile app. Now if some of your crew do not have smartphones you can clock in for them.

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3. Add Jobs from Mobile App

This feature is something a lot of you have asked for. The new version of the mobile app will allow you to add new jobs while on the go.

4. Break Button

This new button on the mobile app can be used for breaks or lunches. It starts a timer for the break/lunch and marks the time as break/lunch in the web dashboard.

5. Manual Time Sheets

This feature allows users to add manual timesheets from the mobile app. You can grant permission for this feature to users on an individual basis.

6. Quickbooks Integration

We’re building you full integration for desktop and online Quickbooks to sync job and hours information for payroll and job costing.

The new mobile app and ClockShark Features are coming later this year.

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