Safety Champion Review: Safety Manager Software

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Safety Champion Review: Safety Manager Software

The Safety Champion software is a program that was created to make managing construction safety easier. The program was developed by Safety professionals and is affordable and easy to use.

The software has customizable manuals and workflows. Safety Champion can be accessed on a variety of devices such as Ipads, Desktops, Laptops, and smartphones. It is cloud-based, so it is accessible wherever there is internet access. The software helps promote a safety culture in your company through pre-loaded manuals and workflows.

Safety Champion Features

1. Dashboard

The dashboard is a simple interface that shows all of the health and security tasks in one place. The Safety Champion program is easy to set up and run. The workflow creates a paperless environment and has features like email notifications and online reporting to keep track of important events.

The software keeps all of your data safe and secure. Safety Champion assists with the organization of chemical and contractor management. Record Retention is organized and secured in a central location with Safety Champion. The Training Register is an excellent resource for new employees to get them up to speed on policies and procedures.

Safety Workflow 

There is a Health and Safety manual that was developed by Safety Champion to go with the software features. It complies with the standards and requirements created by international, Australian and New Zealand governing bodies. It is accomplished by having 50 health and safety workflows preloaded with the software so your company can select the ones that work well for your business. The workflows were designed and defined by the compliance codes, legislative requirements, and relevant standards. The workflow process has checks and balances to ensure that tasks are completed successfully.

When a safety manager selects a workflow that needs to be completed, they can also select a safety staff member who will be in charge of coordinating the program. The safety staff member will get an email notification indicating the day before the task should be completed and then again on the day it is to be completed. If the work is not completed on the assigned day, the software will continue to send email notifications until it is signed off on as completed.


The software will automatically reschedule the task if it is something that is recurring. When the Safety Champion software functions are set up the safety manager can determine if a task is recurring and on what time frame it recurs on. Once a security job is signed off on in the software, evidence of the task completion can be uploaded to the software to demonstrate that it was done for future audits.

The proof of your completed tasks will be stored so that you can prove your safety management system implementation when you are audited or have to get a certification.

Policies and Procedures

The Safety Champion software is a central location to upload all of your company’s procedures and policies. It is beneficial for new hires to be able to use it as a resource, so they are up to date on the proper procedures throughout the company. Incidents are easily reported online by all workers making it easy to keep on top of any risks and correct them quickly. The investigation process and corrective action process are managed online making sure that all items are followed up on by the appropriate people.


Workers can easily report hazards online allowing these dangers to be quickly addressed. The Safety Champion program enables the tracking of training records for employees as well as their information and employee records. Having the employee’s records online makes it easy to access regardless of the site where they are working.


The software program helps manage the chemicals and contractors that are used within your business. The reporting features give an in-depth look into your business and help assess your overall safety performance and any adjustments that need to be made.

To find out more about the Safety Champion Health and Safety Software for your business you can go to their website. Once you are on the website you can click on “Arrange a Demo” and then fill in your contact information with the preferred day and time of the demo.

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