QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration

QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration

ClockShark's QuickBooks Time Tracking integration cuts your time spent on payroll in half

  • No more double data entry
  • Cut time spent on payroll in half
  • Get the right job costing details
QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration
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ClockShark is trusted by more than 8,000 field service and construction teams worldwide

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Send Your Timesheets Right Into Payroll With a Few Clicks

ClockShark's QuickBooks Time Tracking integration cuts your time spent on payroll in half. The two-way sync makes your QuickBooks Online data available in ClockShark, and vice-versa. Now you have everything you need for time tracking, payroll, and job costing in one place. Most importantly, your job just got way easier. Yeah, you are pretty awesome.

Timesheets Go Into QuickBooks Like Magic. Poof!

Employees clock in and out. You review the timesheets and make any needed edits. Then, just press the Export to QuickBooks button. That magic button moves all of your timesheets for the payroll period into QuickBooks, automatically. A little magic never hurt anybody.

clockshark and quickbooks integration

Customers, Jobs, Service Items and Employees Import Automatically

It seems like everything in life is getting automated. Why not automatically import Employees, Customers, Jobs, Service Items and Employees from QuickBooks right into your fancy new mobile time tracking system? Wish no more. Every 60 minutes, we'll check your QuickBooks for new items and import them. It's QuickBooks time tracking to die for.

QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration With Easy Setup

Enter Once. Done

Double data entry is a waste of time. No one likes inefficiency. With ClockShark your time tracking data is automatically sent to QuickBooks. No more double data entry. No more inefficiency. Your payroll and job costing just got faster. You're going to save a lot of money on Tylenol.

QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration

Fewer Errors. More Sleep.

Data entry errors are a big problem. When your time tracking software says one thing and your accounting software says something else, how do you tell which one is right? That's not a problem you'll have anymore. The cross-syncing integration between ClockShark and QuickBooks means data entry errors are a thing of the past. Rest easy knowing that all your information is accurate and consistent.

Reduce Data Entry Errors With QuickBooks Time Tracking

Integrate QuickBooks Online and ClockShark for Speedy Payroll

Payroll can be processed in minutes with ClockShark’s QuickBooks Online integration. Just sync the data, approve the timesheets, import, and done!

QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration

Improve Payroll and Job Costing With the ClockShark and QuickBooks Integration

Get accurate timesheet information and complete payroll in a fraction of the time. Just a click and your payroll information is imported in minutes.

Job Costing in Quickbooks

Job Costing via QuickBooks Is Automatic

If you're running a desktop version of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Payroll, you can job cost your payroll automatically. We'll fill out the employee timesheet entries in QuickBooks with the correct Customer: Job, Service Item and Payroll Items. All you do is press the button to run payroll. Picture your new payroll process. It's a good look for you!

Automatic Job Costing With QuickBooks Time Tracking

Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors Got Your Back

We've got Instructions, videos, and help docs to get you integrated with QuickBooks fast. If you prefer talking to a human, let's do it! We're available through email, live chat, and phone. Our team of QuickBooks ProAdvisors is certified by Intuit, so you'll never hear “that's a QuickBooks problem.” Our legendary service isn't all you have supporting you. If your QuickBooks issues run a bit deeper, we can refer you to a partner bookkeeper or accounting professional from our network of Certified Sharks. Think of it as your own personal army. An army of bean counters, but an army nonetheless.

QuickBooks ProAdvisors With QuickBooks Time Tracking
"It was so hard to track my guys before. I'm a painting contractor And it was hard to know how many hours my guys were really working. Now I know for sure. This app saves me money!"
- Saul R
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