How ClockShark Solves Employee Accountability and Timesheet Errors in the Field Industry

When you have workers in the field, it’s challenging to monitor their whereabouts and activity when you’re in the office. This creates a lot of problems that most field service industry professionals have experienced. 

Customer satisfaction, employee accountability, timekeeping, and payroll, to name a few, can suffer. 

In the case of Extreme Janitorial, employee accountability and timesheet errors were big challenges that were costing the company time, money, and resources. 

Their field workers would call in their locations, report their time with hand-written timesheets, or completely forget to clock in or out. This made accurate time tracking and payroll a nightmare. 

This professional cleaning company was working with messy, outdated timekeeping techniques that they could no longer use to be competitive.

Extreme Janitorial

Headquartered in Oakland, California, Extreme Janitorial was founded by Abel Casanga in 2015. 

Their small team of professionally trained field technicians service all types of businesses across Northern California. 

They provide professional cleaning and janitorial services to a variety of venues including offices, retail locations, schools, manufacturing and industrial facilities, fitness clubs, veterinary clinics, hospitals, and more. 

Their services include: 

  • Carpet cleaning 
  • Window cleaning 
  • Pressure washing 
  • Construction clean-up 
  • General office cleaning 

They pride themselves on providing fast, accurate quotes and punctual, timely work. Extreme Janitorial puts a lot of effort into creating a professional image because professionalism is very important to them. 

Still, inconsistent information from their field workers was contradicting the professional image they wanted to achieve.

They began looking for a solution to their time tracking challenges. It had become impossible to know where their workers were, if they were on time, or if they stayed where they were supposed to for the amount of time they needed to. 

They tried having employees call in throughout the day, and even took to driving around to verify where everyone was. The results were displeased employees and dissatisfied customers. 

"This just didn’t work,” explained co-founder Mery Casanga. “It caused a lot of problems and frustrations. We needed to find a solution.”

How Extreme Janitorial Cleaned Up Their Time Tracking

As the company grew from a few customers to over 100 commercial customers, Abel began seeking ways to help his company continue to grow and evolve. That's when he found ClockShark. 

With an affordable price tag, simple, easy-to-use design, and great product reviews, he decided to give it a try. 

ClockShark came in and helped them get the mobile app installed and working very quickly. The employees learned how to use the system and things began to change for the better, immediately. 

Problems ClockShark Solved

Extreme Janitorial has experienced many benefits from using ClockShark. GPS time tracking doesn’t just help keep track of hours. It has done much more.

Taking The Guesswork Out 

Before they started using ClockShark, Extreme Janitorial had to rely on the words of their workers and/or their customers. 

“We never knew where our employees were at, or if they arrived and serviced a customer on time. We never knew,” Mary said. “Customers would call in and say that our crew didn’t show up and I didn’t have any way to prove or disprove that my employees were there or not. It made us look unprofessional and unreliable.”

With the Who’s Working Now feature, they can pull up a map and see exactly who is clocked in and where. 

“Who’s working is a feature we use every day. We love [Who’s Working Now] because it is such a relief to know at any time I could see where people were just by checking my phone or from the website.” 

They also like that their employees can take photos of completed work and share them via the app. This removes any doubts about the work done. 

“I love that I now don’t have to worry where my employees are and that their work is getting done.”

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Accurate Pay… To The Penny 

No more timesheet rounding, guessing, or false information. Having to round out hours and calculate pay in a way that is FDA-compliant was time-consuming and difficult. 

ClockShark removes inaccurate payroll with to-the-minute time tracking. Extreme Janitorial employees receive pay for exactly what they have done. Since ClockShark is a reliable, cloud-based service, their payroll is reliable, too. 

“Our employees receive their paychecks accurately and on time.”

How Did ClockShark Impact Their Business?

Better Reliability

People in the field services industry sometimes deal with emergency calls, new jobs, or unexpected tasks. 

Knowing where everyone is, what jobs they are doing, and how far they are from other places, helps make employees more accountable. This improves their company image because administrators can assign the right jobs to the right people in a reliable way. 

There is no more guessing about how long a job will take or when an employee will finish and be able to move on to the next job.

Easier, More Accurate Payroll

As in any business, time is money. Mery no longer has to sift through messy time records or hand-written notes. Instead, she is able to import the information and have payroll done quicker than ever before. This cuts down on administrative work as well as inaccurate paychecks for their workers.

Better At Accommodating New Clients

Since they can now accurately measure how long their employees are taking to do jobs in the field, they can take on new customers confidently. 

ClockShark’s Job Management allows them to plan and respond professionally so new customers have a positive experience with their services.

Maintains Professional Image With Employee Accountability

Perhaps most important, ClockShark helped Extreme Janitorial maintain their professional image. 

Every successful company wants their employees to be engaged and working towards the company’s mission and vision. This can be particularly challenging for field workers who aren’t physically present in the office. 

They can become disengaged and start performing poorly when they are able to get away with it. The U.S. Department of Labor says exuding professionalism is important in any career and for those in field service industries, it means working harder and managing time effectively. 

When field workers arrive on time, every time, and know they are being monitored, they are likely to be more productive. 

People can see that Extreme Janitorial has its customers’ needs and expectations at heart. 

ClockShark has helped Extreme Janitorial provide quality, reliable services to their customers in a consistent way, so their customers are confident in their level of professionalism and care. 

“ClockShark has given me the peace of mind I needed to now take Extreme Janitorial to the next level.”

--Abel Casanga


According to research by Gartner, More than 75 percent of field service companies with more than 50 users will use mobile apps to help technicians succeed. 

And today’s field service companies are increasingly adopting technology to stay competitive. “Leveraging IoT” (Internet of Things) is the top inquiry among field service organizations today.

Are you ready to start holding your employees accountable and improving your company’s image while streamlining your payroll, billing, invoicing, scheduling, and job costing? 

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