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How to Use the Timesheet Calculator

Once you collect your employees’ hours, it’s time to start running payroll. This free timesheet calculator will automatically calculate total hours, regular hours, overtime, and total gross pay. Remember to calculate overtime pay for any hours worked over 40 in a week or eight in a day by 1.5 or 2 times their base hourly rate, depending on your state. Be sure to familiarize yourself with state laws.

  • Enter employees’ hours for each day of the work week.
  • Download the file

Avoid errors using this timecard calculator by following these suggestions:

  • Double-check total hours worked for accuracy
  • Be sure the correct base pay is entered
  • Allot for overtime/double time
  • If someone turns in an illegible/damaged timesheet, contact them to get the correct information
  • Be sure to calculate overtime/double time pay for holidays worked, where applicable

Use this simple free online timesheet calculator to keep track of your employee’s hours. Enter hours worked, breaks, and hourly wage for a weekly or bi-weekly total of estimated pay for your employees. An accurate work hours calculator helps you stay compliant.

    Time Card Calculator


    TimeSheet Details

    Clock In
    Clock Out

    {{ }}

    Clock In
    Clock Out
    Total Hours
    {{ totalHours }}
    Regular Hours
    {{ displayRegularHours }}
    Overtime Hours
    {{ displayOvertimeHours }}
    Total Gross Pay
    ${{ totalGrossPay }}

    Benefits of Automated Time Tracking

    Tired of manual entry and hunting down timesheet data or using outdated timesheet calculators? With automated time tracking, you can track total hours worked automatically, without the hassle of messy, missing, or inaccurate paperwork, plus other benefits, like:

    Accurate information

    Using this free timesheet calculator might help you gauge your payroll, but  GPS time tracking shows you where each employee clocked in and out each time. No more guessing or relying on memory.

    Real-time data

    When you use a timesheet calculator, you have to wait until you get the timecard data from your employees. With automated time tracking, the data is available to you in real-time so you don’t have to wait.

    No mistakes or errors from manual entry

    Even double- or triple-checking your timesheet calculator entries doesn’t remove the risk of human error that comes with manual entry. Automated time tracking removes this risk completely.

    Ability to avoid unintended overtime

    You might be surprised when you use a free timesheet calculator to discover one or more of your employees have gone into overtime, costing you money you were not expecting to lose. With automated time tracking, you can stay on top of employees’ hours to avoid this.

    Easily adjust schedules

    If you discover an employee is nearing overtime, or if you have an employee call out of work, you can use an automated time tracking app to adjust schedules simply, quickly, and easily.

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