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“ClockShark provides my business with a sense of professionalism and trust because my customers feel good about what they see.”

- Brad M., Owner
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Brad M., a solopreneur and owner of 12 Bridges Property & Estate Management, knew the importance of building trust with his clients. In his unique business - catering to high-end residential property owners - meticulous attention to detail and clear communication were paramount.

From managing vacant properties to overseeing construction projects, Brad goes above and beyond for his customers.

However, managing the time spent on a job and providing detailed reports proved to be a major challenge.

The breaking point

Brad knew he needed a more professional solution to build trust with his clients and ensure accurate timekeeping.

Brad started by using handwritten notes and Excel sheets but quickly realized this was unprofessional and inefficient. He then tried several timesheet apps, but none of them offered the comprehensive solution he needed.

After months of frustration, Brad felt he would never find the perfect solution. He remembers thinking, “Gosh, I’m not ever going to find the one I need to fill all those voids."

Reasons why 12 Bridges made the switch to ClockShark

  • Peace of mind: With GPS tracking and detailed reports, Brad can easily prove his time spent on each property, reducing potential liability issues.
  • Time-saving: ClockShark automates time tracking and eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving Brad valuable time.
  • Client satisfaction: Detailed reports with notes and photos give Brad's clients the transparency they need and peace of mind.
  • Financial benefits: Despite the initial investment, ClockShark quickly paid for itself by saving Brad time and improving his efficiency.

Making the switch

ClockShark has been a game-changer for Brad's business. He can now focus on what he does best – serving his clients – without worrying about administrative tasks. The detailed reports and photos give his clients peace of mind, knowing their properties are in good hands. This has resulted in increased client satisfaction and a steady flow of new business.

For Brad, ClockShark is more than just a tool; it's a vital part of his business. The time savings and stress reduction are invaluable. He can now spend less time on paperwork and more time building relationships with his clients.

Today, Brad is a loyal ClockShark customer and a vocal advocate for the product. "I'm super happy with where I am with you guys," he says. "ClockShark has been a game-changer for my business."

Brad's story is a testament to the power of finding the right tool for your unique business needs. If you're looking for a timesheet app that can do more than just track time, ClockShark is the perfect solution.

“If I didn't have ClockShark I would have to go home, figure out my time, recall what I did, make notes for every visit, figure out how to add the photos, put it in another program, then extrapolate that out at the end of the month. Using ClockShark is a significant time saver. No manual work.”
Brad M., Owner of 12 Bridges Property & Estate Management

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