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Caspar Building Systems

Caspar Building Systems

Caspar Building Systems saves $12,000 a year with ClockShark

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“There is nothing else out there that has all the attributes that ClockShark has.”

-Neal B., Project Manager at Caspar Building Systems
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For over 45 years, Caspar Building Systems has been Wyoming's go-to for top-notch construction.

Their commitment to quality materials, skilled builders, and on-time, on-budget projects has made them a regional leader. But even the best builders can run into snags, and for Caspar, that snag came in the form of a clunky, time-consuming payroll process.

Eight superintendents, eight different timekeeping methods—it was a recipe for chaos.

The breaking point

Project manager Neal B. says, "Our payroll process was a nightmare. We had eight superintendents, each using their own method for recording and collecting timecards. It was a time-consuming, horrible mess that sucked up at least six to eight hours a week, just on timecards."

The office admin became a timecard hero, spending hours manually compiling and inputting data. Frustration mounted as previous attempts at solutions failed to stick. Finally, they reached their breaking point.

Neal recalls, "We needed a change, and ClockShark was the light at the end of the tunnel." The 14-day free trial was a game-changer. They saw the potential to streamline their payroll woes, and they were right.

Reasons why Caspar Building Systems made the switch to ClockShark

  • Inefficient and time-consuming payroll process: With eight different timekeeping methods and manual data entry, Caspar was wasting hours every week on payroll.
  • Multiple solutions that failed to stick: Previous attempts to solve their payroll woes proved unsuccessful, leaving Caspar searching for a reliable solution.
  • Drastic time and cost savings: ClockShark helped Caspar save $1,000 per month and over 10 hours a week, significantly improving their bottom line.
  • Streamlined and painless payroll: Manual entries became a thing of the past, reducing payroll processing time to just 30 minutes.

Making the switch

The impact was undeniable.

Within a year, Caspar saved $1,000 per month and over 10 hours a week. The once-dreaded payroll process was now a painless 30-minute affair, with no more manual data entry.

Caspar Building Systems is proof that the right tool can unlock hidden efficiency. From drowning in payroll paperwork to basking in streamlined efficiency, ClockShark was the missing key Caspar craved. More time, less stress, and a happier crew. Now Caspar can channel their energy into what matters most: crafting a beautiful Wyoming for future generations.

"ClockShark allowed us to streamline timekeeping for payroll and drastically improve productivity," Neal says. "It's safe to say that ClockShark was the only tool we were missing!"

With ClockShark, Caspar Building Systems was able to overcome a major pain point, free up valuable time and resources, and continue building success, one project at a time.

"ClockShark streamlined timekeeping for payroll and made everything painless. It's a 30-minute process now—no manual entries, just pure efficiency. It's the missing piece we needed to truly excel."
Neal B., Project Manager at Caspar Building Systems

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