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Cavco Services saves 3 hours a week on timekeeping and payroll with ClockShark

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If you are a construction type company, ClockShark is a great option for your payroll needs.

3 hours a week


Lisa T., the payroll administrator at CAVCO, was drowning in paperwork. Keeping track of time for a construction crew spread all over town was a never-ending headache.

Her desk was a mountain of timesheets, covered in scribbles and hard to read. She spent hours every week chasing down missing information and worrying about whether her numbers were even right.

The breaking point

Lisa realized the manual system was hindering CAVCO's operational efficiency and impacting employee morale.

Tracking a team that was always on the move. Lisa's days were filled with hunting down employees to get their timesheets, trying to read messy handwriting, and wondering if her numbers were correct. Payroll was a nightmare, and Lisa was losing sleep over it.

Reasons why Cavco made the switch to ClockShark

  • Accuracy: ClockShark offers real-time data and automated calculations, eliminating the fear of human error and sleepless nights worrying about payroll discrepancies.
  • Time-saving: ClockShark frees Lisa from the paper chase, allowing her to focus on strategic tasks and reclaim control of her workday.
  • Employee buy-in: The user-friendly app simplifies timekeeping for the crew, reducing frustration and boosting morale.
  • Mobile access: ClockShark tracks the scattered construction crew, their locations as varied as the projects they tackled.

Making the switch

Lisa took a leap of faith and signed up for ClockShark. Setting it up was surprisingly easy, especially compared to her old system. But the real test was getting her employees to use it. Would they embrace the change or fight it?

To her surprise, the team loved ClockShark, “I love that they can clock themselves in and out and I no longer have to worry about it.” Lisa watched as the piles of paper on her desk disappeared, replaced by a clean and organized digital system.

The results were amazing. Lisa's numbers were accurate for the first time in ages, and she had so much extra time on her hands. No more chasing down employees or squinting at messy handwriting. ClockShark had revolutionized payroll for CAVCO.

"For construction companies, ClockShark is a perfect match for payroll requirements."
Lisa T., Payroll Administrator at CAVCO

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