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GroundWorks Landscaping Inc.

GroundWorks Landscaping Inc. saves $1,200 dollars a week on time tracking and payroll with ClockShark

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The customer service is the best I've ever worked with. Your call is answered within seconds, and no matter who you deal with, they know their product and system. They answer your questions immediately.

$1,200 per week

Enhancing Accountability and Accurate Budgeting

Transitioning to a robust time-tracking system might seem like a huge leap, especially for start-ups like Ground Works Landscaping. However, with ClockShark, Takis Stoilis and his team found relief from the persistent challenges of falsified timesheets and inaccurate billing.

For businesses striving for transparency and accountability, ClockShark emerges as a beacon. As Takis points out, the tool ensures employees "log into their job, tracking the exact time they are working." This shift in work culture led Ground Works Landscaping to confidently budget for payroll, ensuring their customers are rightly charged for the hours put in.

Real-Time Monitoring: A Game Changer

In the landscaping industry, knowing your team's whereabouts is more than just a management tool—it's about efficiency, safety, and trust. While Takis had reservations about how user-friendly the program would be, ClockShark's mapping feature turned out to be a revelation. Takis notes, "The ability to see where all our employees are at any given moment ensures not just efficiency but peace of mind."

New hires at Ground Works Landscaping found this transparency reassuring and have shown keenness in integrating it into their daily operations.

Substantial Savings and Stellar Support

Achieving a significant ROI isn't just about numbers; it's about genuine value. ClockShark allowed Ground Works Landscaping to save an impressive $1200 per week. But it's not just the monetary aspect that Takis emphasizes; it's the unparalleled customer service. In his words, "The response is instantaneous, and every representative is well-versed with the product."

For companies considering a shift to ClockShark, Takis has a candid piece of advice: "You're leaving money on the table if you're not utilizing this system."

9,500+ companies use ClockShark to track employees and save time every month.

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