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Revolutionizing Workflow Dynamics at Kern Studios

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“We save money and time as payroll is processed more efficiently and accurately now. Plus the employees have more trust their paycheck is correct.”

Rachel Garrison, HR Director
3-4 days a week

Revolutionizing Remote Time Tracking for Mardi Gras Floats and Beyond

Kern Studios, known for building floats for Mardi Gras and working on major projects for brands and theme parks, faced a unique challenge: tracking hours for employees who often worked out of state. Rachel Garrison, the HR Director, describes the pre-ClockShark situation: "With our employees traveling for out-of-state work on a regular basis, it was extremely difficult to track hours." The introduction of ClockShark fundamentally changed their operations, allowing employees to clock in and out using their phones. Garrison notes, "Our employees are now able to use their phones to clock in and out...I am able to save hours on my end not having to chase employees down for time."

Efficiency in Payroll Processing and Enhanced Trust

The efficiency gains with ClockShark have been significant for Kern Studios. Garrison highlights the reduction in time spent on payroll: "I used to spend 3-4 days on timesheets, now I can get payroll done in a few hours." This shift has not only saved time and money but also built more trust among employees regarding the accuracy of their paychecks.

Ease of Use and Customer Service Excellence

Garrison's favorite aspect of ClockShark is its overall ease of use, crucial for a diverse workforce. She also praises the customer service: "The chat for customer service is wonderful and responds fast." Her endorsement of ClockShark is enthusiastic: "Do it, you and your employees will LOVE it!!"

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