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Streamlining HR and Payroll Across Five Companies

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“ClockShark has been a game-changer, significantly reducing manual time entry and preventing alterations in timesheets.”

-C. Foote, HR/Payroll/Benefits Manager

Simplifying Time Tracking and Payroll Management

Handling HR, payroll, and benefits for five diverse companies presents unique challenges, particularly when it comes to time tracking. "We had issues with people writing in their time, changing their time, or forgetting to clock in or out," Foote recalls. ClockShark has been a game-changer, significantly reducing manual time entry and preventing alterations in timesheets. Foote highlights, "ClockShark has cut my time in entering time manually and has prevented changing time and writing in time."

A seamless integration with QuickBooks Desktop was a critical requirement for Foote's companies. "ClockShark has been great as we had been looking to find a time-keeping program that would integrate with QuickBooks Desktop. It has been wonderful," she shares.

Enhancing Efficiency and Accountability

ClockShark has enhanced the efficiency of administrative tasks and increased employee accountability. "It has made the employees more accountable for their time," Foote notes. Initial concerns about the smooth implementation and employee reception were quickly resolved. "We are still in the process of working out some bugs, but the ClockShark employees that I have been working with are wonderful!!! The employees were very receptive," Foote reports.

Outstanding Features and Support

Foote's favorite feature is the seamless integration with QuickBooks, which has been a significant time saver. She also appreciates the dedicated support from ClockShark's team, particularly from Account Executive Daniel Metcalf and Integration Specialist Austin Huddleson. "Daniel and Austin have never acted like this is a problem. They always answer all my questions, sometimes answering the same question(s) several times, and never act like I am a bother to them," she says.

Strong Recommendation

For businesses considering ClockShark, Foote's recommendation is clear: "I would definitely recommend ClockShark. I actually have a friend that has been looking for a program, and I am going to recommend ClockShark to her."

ClockShark has not only simplified time tracking and payroll processes for Foote but also provided outstanding support, making it an invaluable tool for her diverse and complex HR responsibilities.

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