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Martorano Construction

Martorano Construction Inc. Saves Time and Money on Payroll with Time Tracking Software

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“Using paper timesheets was time-intensive and costly for our business as we had to interpret and re-record each of those documents.”

-Stephen M., CEO/Owner of Martorano Construction
spent weekly on timesheets
saved daily by employees
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A Family Owned and Operated Company

With over 25 years of experience, Martorano Construction specializes in all types of construction and remodeling projects all across the U.S. They have completed projects in California, Oregon, and Washington. Delivering quality services with the flexibility to meet clients’ needs, all within an affordable budget, is what they strive for.

The Cost of Paper Timesheets

Martorano Construction encountered many difficulties when it came to paper timesheets. Having to deal with damaged, stained, and/or lost timesheets was just a fraction of the problem.

Stephen states, “Using paper timesheets was time-intensive and costly for our business as we had to interpret and re-record each of those documents. It took us an average of 6-7 hours a week to complete all our employees’ timesheets. Sometimes it was hard to distinguish time data handwritten by employees. Also, if we needed some clarifications, we had to ask the employee to read the paper version and correct it. Additional mistakes would include employees misreading a clock, creating over-reporting and under-reporting.”

The Perfect Match: ClockShark

After their prolonged struggle with paper timesheets, Martorano Construction signed up for ClockShark in 2018, and has since saved time and money. With ClockShark, they now only spend 2 hours a week to complete all their employees’ timesheets.

“With the ClockShark app, we save so much time and it makes our job much easier. We really like how easy it is for our employees to add the time they work and the tasks they worked on with the mobile app; and also how user friendly it is for any type of employee. Before we used ClockShark’s GPSTrak feature it was very difficult to know the location of our employees at different job sites, but now we can see exactly where our employees are in real-time thanks to ClockShark,” Stephen says.

With the help of ClockShark, Martorano Construction has been able to enhance their passion for building smart, effective, and sustainable projects.

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