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Nobu Constructions

Transformative Time Management at Nobu Constructions

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“I have been able to focus in on more important issues around pricing and sales.”

James Murphy, Director
2-3 hours a week

Effortless Task Tracking and Comprehensive Reporting

The challenges of tracking time efficiently were a significant hurdle at Nobu Constructions. Enter ClockShark. James Murphy, the Director at Nobu, shares his experience: "Clockshark solved all of these issues and I instantly felt a weight being taken off my shoulders." He praises the system for its ability to break down each job, task, and employee, describing it as "an absolute asset to our back costing."

Significant Time Savings and Enhanced Business Focus

With ClockShark, Nobu Constructions has seen a remarkable shift in how they manage their time. "I would save a couple of hours each week using Clockshark," Murphy states. This newfound efficiency has allowed him to concentrate more on crucial business aspects, like pricing and sales.

Simplicity and Efficiency: The ClockShark Advantage

James Murphy's experience with various time-clocking systems led him to appreciate ClockShark's user-friendly nature. He advises, "Definitely do it, I tried a number of time clocking systems. Some were even specifically for construction, I found ClockShark the simplest for the team to use and simple is important when trying to prompt people to carry out mundane tasks."

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