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North Twin Builders

Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy at North Twin Builders

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“Easy to locate employees, easy to compile metrics that I use for estimating”

Elizabeth Reinke, Project Estimator
20 hours a week

Revolutionizing Time Tracking and Estimation

North Twin Builders, a custom home builder, faced significant challenges in tracking project metrics with paper time cards. Elizabeth Reinke, the estimator and project manager at North Twin Builders, reflects on the pre-ClockShark era: "Difficult to track project metrics used in estimating as we were only using paper time cards at that point." The adoption of ClockShark dramatically changed their approach. Reinke finds ClockShark invaluable, stating it's "Easy to locate employees, easy to compile metrics that I use for estimating."

Time and Resource Optimization

The impact of ClockShark on North Twin Builders' operations has been profound in terms of time and resource savings. "We save probably around 20 hours a week since we don't have to manually input timecards anymore," says Reinke. The efficiency gained allows the team to focus more on other complex tasks, enhancing overall productivity and aligning with the company's goals.

Geofencing: A Standout Feature

Among ClockShark's features, Reinke highlights the geofence as her favorite. She appreciates its simplicity and effectiveness, noting, "The geofence, it is easy to see where people are and if they are being honest on their time cards." This feature has not only streamlined operations but also instilled a sense of transparency and accountability within the team.

Strong Endorsement and Support Experience

When asked about her recommendation for ClockShark, Reinke's response is enthusiastic: "Give it a try, you won't regret it!" She also speaks highly of the support they received during the initial setup, ensuring everything was configured correctly for their specific needs. Reinke concludes with high praise, "It's been amazing and useful overall, I give as many stars as I can!"

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