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Tri-Quest Group

Transforming Time Management: Tri-Quest Group's Efficiency Overhaul


“A lot less time being done on timesheets and paperwork. Now....easy peasy :)”

Tracey MacKenzie, Office/Accounting Manager
5 hours a week and $600 a month

Simplifying Time Management: From Chaos to Clarity Tri-Quest Group, an electrical, plumbing, and HVAC company, once grappled with the widespread issue of inaccurate and delayed timesheets. Tracey MacKenzie, their Office/Accounting Manager, recalls the tedious Monday mornings where retracing steps became a routine. With ClockShark, those days are a distant memory. "Since they have to log into ClockShark now, there's no confusion for the employees or myself. No more wasted time on both sides. Phewwww!"

Optimizing Field Response: At the Forefront of Customer Service In the service industry, promptness is paramount. For a company that covers a spectrum of services, being able to swiftly attend to a service call can be a differentiator. ClockShark's real-time tracking has revolutionized Tri-Quest Group's responsiveness. Tracey highlights, "If I receive a service call, I can instantly check who's closest and respond much quicker to our customers." This not only elevates customer experience but also streamlines operations for Tracey - ensuring every minute counts.

Seamless Integration and Tangible Savings: ClockShark's Winning Streak One might assume that transitioning to a tool like ClockShark would be overwhelming. Tracey had her reservations too but found it "very simple." Beyond the ease of use, what truly stands out is the tangible impact on the company's bottom line. Tri-Quest Group saves roughly 5 hours per week and approximately $600 each month. Additionally, the seamless integration with QuickBooks has made administrative tasks a breeze. To those on the fence about ClockShark, Tracey has a succinct recommendation, "Saves time and brainer."

For businesses in search of efficiency, accuracy, and operational excellence, Tracey's experience with ClockShark is a testament. "I love it :)" she concludes.

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