Employee Work Shift Scheduling on ClockShark's Mobile App


No more writing your work shifts on dry erase boards, loose papers, or clipboards.
No more texting work shifts or job addresses to every team member. 
And definitely no more late night phone call updates when last minute changes come up. 

You deserve better. 

Creating, sharing, and notifying your crew of new work shifts, on the fly changes, and job details is easy with ClockShark. 


To schedule a shift via mobile, tap the main menu and then schedule.

Use the plus icon in the right corner to add a shift to a schedule.

Your name will be selected by default, but tap Select employees on iPhone or change on Android to choose from a dropdown list of employees. And if enabled, bulk schedule by location or department.

Tap job to select a job and do the same to add an optional task. You can add special instructions or reminders so they can view from their schedule here, and don't forget to proceed when you're done.

Specify a date in the start and end time. Choose all day to create an all day shift with no specified start and end time, and choose repeat if you'd like to put the schedule on a repeat cycle. Select save in the upper corner to successfully save the shift to the schedule.

To view schedules, just use the magnifying glass from the Schedule tab to search for an employee or job. You can edit a schedule by selecting the shift you want to edit and use the trash icon to delete the entire shift or the pencil icon in the upper corner to edit any fields, and then save to save the changes.

You can use the bell icon to notify your team of the updates that affected them by push notification or email.

Scheduling on the go made easy. 

9,500+ companies use ClockShark to track employees and save time every month.

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