For Employees: Understanding GPS Requirements in ClockShark


Here we explain how and why GPS tracking may need to be enabled. This video is for employees using the ClockShark app.


Privacy is important.

So when it comes to sharing your location, you should know how we use that information and why we need mobile users to select certain permissions when they download the app.

So how does it work?

By default, the mobile app records your GPS location whenever a mobile user clocks in for the day, clocks out, starts and ends a break, or switches to a new job or task.

If your employer needs more information, they can enable the GPS track feature. This feature records your location every 15 to 20 minutes while you're on the clock, but turns off as soon as you clock out or start a break.

When you download the mobile app, it will ask you to share your location. If your employer enables the GPS track feature, make sure to share your precise location and choose always on your iPhone or all the time on your Android device.

Wondering why we need you to select always or all the time? It has to do with your phone's technology. Basically setting your phone's location sharing permissions to always or all the time helps the GPS track feature work properly while you're clocked in, but not using the phone or when you're clocked in, but actively using a different app on your phone.

Of course, that's only if your employer has the GPS track feature enabled. If they don't, keep sharing your precise location, but it's OK to select the while using the app or only while using the app. It's important to share your precise location so the GPS information is as accurate as possible. And if your employer doesn't need your GPS location information, feel free to select never or deny instead. 

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