13 Best Apps for Construction Businesses in 2020

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By Michelle Kruse | Read time: 6 minutes

There are too many apps out there. Whether it’s for every aspect of life or for a specific need such as construction.

With so many options out there it can be overwhelming to pick a few or even one that you want to try out.

We’ve taken a look at many of the options out there, and even reviewed some of them. Here is our list for the Best Apps for Construction Businesses in 2020!


  1. ClockShark
  2. magicplan
  3. FallSafety
  4. Site Diary
  5. Bridgit
  6. GasBuddy
  7. DroneDeploy
  8. ShareMyToolbox
  9. FieldChat
  10. DeWalt Mobile Pro
  11. SmartBid
  12. Red Cross First Aid
  13. Trade Hounds

Best Apps for Construction Businesses

best apps for construction businesses - Clockshark

1. ClockShark – Time Tracking and Scheduling

One of the most important aspects of any business is making sure your employees are clocking in and out on time. Time tracking and scheduling can be frustrating and time-consuming when done manually.

It’s time for a better solution. ClockShark offers an app with features that make it perfect for construction and field service. If you’re looking for a way to keep your employees on time and manage job costing, ClockShark is your perfect solution.

best apps for construction businesses - magicplan

2. Magicplan – Floorplans and Models

Creating floor plans can be tedious, especially when done without the right tools. With magicplan, you can capture a room on your mobile device and turn it into a 2D Floorplan or another type of model. Besides mapping, you can create estimates and questionnaires to send to clients.

If you find paper floor plans frustrating or want a more efficient way of mapping rooms, then this is the perfect solution for you.

best apps for construction businesses - fallsafety

3. FallSafety – Safety Monitoring and Reporting

Staying safe on the job-site is incredibly important. The statistics on injuries and deaths caused by job-site falls can be scary to think about. This particular app is made with the idea of checking in and reporting falls or injuries easily.

That’s why they’ve created an Apple Watch app that makes it easy for users to report a fall or ask for help in an emergency. On top of the easy-to-use interface, this app makes it easy to keep track of incident history. If safety is one of your priorities on the job, and it should be, take a look into getting this solution.

best apps for construction businesses - site diary

4. Site Diary – Convenient Daily Logs

Keeping track of what happens on the job can be tricky. If you write down paper notes, you could easily lose them. But if you don’t write them down, then the chances of you remembering what happened are low. There is a great solution out there with Site Diary!

This app is available or desktop and mobile, making event recording easy and quick. Their website boasts a 1 minute and 20 seconds time to record an event, that’s pretty fast. If you’re looking to keep track of everything that happens on the job, Site Diary is for you.

best apps for construction businesses - Bridgit

5. Bridgit – Project Planning and Workforce Management

Understanding your team and how to utilize every member correctly is important. When you’ve got a big team with a variety of skills then it can be difficult to manage who is doing what.

The features available in Bridgit make it easy to see who is working on what, which skills your team members have, and where your hiring needs may lie. On top of these great features, this app will allow you to organize tasks and projects in a much easier way than in Excel. If you’re looking to optimize your team and tasks then Bridgit is perfect for you.

best apps for construction businesses GasBuddy

6. GasBuddy – Great Prices on Gas

If you work in construction or field service, traveling is going to happen often. And it doesn’t take a blog post to tell you that gas prices are never what you want them to be. But there are ways to find better gas prices with a tool like GasBuddy.

By using this app you can easily locate the best gas prices nearby wherever you are. If you’ve got a route to plan for your next job-site check the GasBuddy app and find out where the best gas price will be. You might not find your perfect gas prices, but you will know exactly where to go for the lowest option around.

best apps for construction businesses - DroneDeploy

7. DroneDeploy – Project Management in the Sky

If you’re managing projects across larger pieces of land or buildings then you might be looking into drone technology. But having a drone to assist you is only half the battle, finding a great app to fully utilize your drone can make a big difference.

DroneDeploy can allow you to create a variety of maps and models for real-time analysis of the job-site. This program works with all DJI drones and captures photos, maps, videos, and even panoramas. If you’re looking for a birds-eye view from the palm of your hand, then this is your perfect solution.

best apps for construction businesses - ShareMyToolbox

8. ShareMyToolbox – Sharing is Caring

Tools are expensive. Having to buy a full set of tools for each crew member is definitely not the ideal situation. You can try tool sharing, but without good organization, you won’t be able to keep the system in place for long.

Luckily ShareMyToolbox creates an easy system to stay on top of tool sharing. With this app, you can catalog all your tools and allow crew members to check them in and out easily. There’s no more wondering where your tools went with this solution!

best apps for construction businesses - FieldChat

9. FieldChat – Team Messaging

Communication is key for all teams. Ensuring that communication is happening with all members of your team is important.

Using an app like FieldChat can help keep any job notes, messages, or notifications together for your team members. This app allows for collaboration across your company and makes it easy to keep an eye on project progress. 

best apps for construction businesses - DeWalt

10. DeWalt Mobile Pro – Reference and Calculations

Having a pocket guide can be helpful in the field, but reference materials could be literally weighing you down.

You can easily add any calculation reference to your phone with the DeWalt mobile app! Inside are calculations programmed for carpentry, electrical, site work, and more. If there’s a job you need a reference for, then chances are you will find it on this helpful app.

best apps for construction businesses - SmartBid

11. SmartBid – Bid Software for Contractors

Bid management can get complicated and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. This particular app is one of the more popular varieties which makes it difficult to find the best one. But SmartBid contains the tools and features needed to make contracting as streamlined as possible.

With SmartBid you can share documents, track subcontractor information, and send bid invitations. As a complete solution, SmartBid also offers integrations with helpful apps like Dropbox and Stack. If you’re looking for complete bid software that you can use on your phone then SmartBid is for you.

best apps for construction businesses - American Red Cross

12. Red Cross First Aid – Safety On the Job

Do you know intermediate, or even basic, first aid? If you or a crew member were to get seriously injured on the job how would you help them? Not being able to answer these questions clearly is, unfortunately, quite common. By requiring all crew members to have this app by the Red Cross you can give your crew the tools to prepare for injury.

This apps has instructions on treating injuries, emergencies, and quizzes to educate users. By using the app regularly, employees can gain knowledge on how to treat injuries and determine what accidents require 9-1-1. It’s important to keep employees informed on safety measures, make it easy with the Red Cross First Aid App.

best apps for construction businesses - Trade Hounds

13. Trade Hounds – Community in Construction

Sharing project progress on social media can be a tricky thing. Sometimes it can be great for your social media presence but other times it might not be the thing you want to put up. Maybe you’ve completed a difficult task you want to talk about it, but others just won’t understand it.

With an app like Trade Hounds, you can share your projects with others working in construction. Part social media and part community building, this app is perfect for talking with others in the industry. Find your other construction workers in the world and connect with them today.

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