Mobile Time Tracking and Scheduling for Accountants and Bookkeepers that Syncs with QuickBooks, Xero, Sage and more

Paper timesheets and manual scheduling are a thing of the past

You’re looking for the ideal way to track time and send schedules. It should work for your firm and for your clients. It should sync seamlessly with popular accounting and payroll systems. It must be so easy to use that no training is needed. Plus, it has to pack a punch when it comes to features and flexibility. Because not every client is the same. The time card app that’s both easy and powerful - that’s ClockShark.

Simple mobile time tracking that gets the job done

Time tracking for your bookkeeping or accounting firm should be simple but powerful. It needs to replace messy paper timesheets with a smooth automated workflow. It’s got to “just work”. Good news, your firm and your clients are going to love ClockShark! Employees track time from the simple GPS time clock app. You and your clients can see the time and run clean, powerful time reports instantly back in the office. It’s mobile time tracking that gets the job done for accounting pros and their clients.

Time Clocks Apps make it easy to clock time anywhere

Laura Zack

We like how all-inclusive this program is. We love it for doing timesheets, running reports, and how easily it works with QuickBooks.

TracyLM (via Intuits

Clients want to stop making phone calls and sending texts

Getting schedules to field employees is likely a big pain for your clients with a mobile workforce. Schedules are always changing in this type of business. Making coordination phone calls and sending text messages takes too much time. It’s dragging them down. The good news is, the employee scheduler eliminates most of that work. Just drag a Job or an Employee to the calendar. Employees can see their schedule from the mobile app on their smartphone. Your client can now leave at 5:00 pm instead of 5:45 pm. You’re their hero!

Schedules are up to date on the smartphone app

Extremely user friendly. Schedule feature is invaluable and timesheets are a breeze!

Drew Maher at DM Properties (via

Time tracking and scheduling should be easy

ClockShark was designed to be easy. Super easy. That doesn’t mean we skimped on power. Clock in with a few taps (or clicks) by selecting a Job, a Task and the Clock In button. It only takes a few seconds from your computer or smartphone but it gives you everything you need to know - the Customer/Job, the Labor Task and the Time. If you're on the go using the mobile app, you’ll get GPS location data so you can see where each clock punch happened. Switching between Jobs and Tasks is just as fast and easy. Just press “Switch”. If only clients were this easy!

Easy to use smartphones apps makes time tracking a breeze

Rhonda Starren

I've spent the last 6 months searching for a program that will do what I need it to do without costing a fortune. Many programs are overly complicated, making them not practical. Others won't pull the simplest of reports needed in a usable format. This program is the best overall I've found.

Cynthiluwho (via Intuits

Let’s Connect to Your Other Software

You need time tracking data for accounting, job costing and payroll, so let's get your ClockShark data into your other systems. With the ClockShark integrations you can have a two-way sync with both QuickBooks Online and the Desktop QuickBooks. If you use Sage, Xero or ADP we've got you covered, too. You can also export your time records for other systems as well, so you can always get the data you need where you need it. Payroll, invoicing and job costing just got wicked easy! It cuts payroll processing time in half and stops “rounding errors” to reduce hourly labor costs by 2-8% on average. Efficiency with a side of savings, coming right up!

ClockShark integrates with QuickBooks to make your life easier

Maritza Westons

This app works great. Its easy to figure out and seamlessly pushes and pulls from QuickBooks Online. The support has been excellent and additional suggested features have been taken seriously. These guys have it figured out!

glaciermatt (via Intuits

Keep Doing What You’re Doing. We’ll Adjust.

You and your clients have your own ways of working. You shouldn’t have to change how you do things to use an app. ClockShark is easily customized to work like you do. If you schedule time, use the easy drag and drop scheduler. If you don’t that’s ok, too. You can clock in anytime you want from mobile or the web punch clock. If you want to track employee whereabouts, you can turn on GPSTrak and GPSFence. You can even set notifications in the system to keep everyone clocking in on schedule. Not using a feature? Just turn it off. Let’s keep it flexible!

Customize ClockShark to work the way you do

Rhonda Starren

ClockShark has really helped me cut down on the payroll processing time, I love it! The staff is extremely helpful and the system is so easy to use. I'm so happy that we made this small investment!

TPJ (via Intuits

Easy Reports, Job Costing & Data Export

ClockShark makes getting time data easy, but that's just the start. When it’s time to use that data you're still on easy street. Our simple, powerful time reporting lets you see summaries or detailed reports by Job (Client), Task (Service Item) or Employee. If you need to run payroll, use the Employee reports. If you need to determine profitability, use the Job Reports. Want to see what Tasks take the most time? Use the Task Reports. All reports can be viewed, printed, or exported as a spreadsheet. It takes just a few clicks to run any report. You can even filter by date, department or location. Data in, insight out!

Easy to run reports gets you everything you need

Maritza Westons

Not having to sort through paper timesheets and track down workers to see if they remember their hours from previous work days has been a huge time saver! It eliminates the need for me to do anything other than print a report to keep for my records. ClockShark is wonderful!

Samantha (via Intuits

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