Mobile Time Tracking and Scheduling for the Healthcare Industry

Goodbye paper timesheets. Hello mobile time tracking.

Keeping track of employee time for payroll and billing is an important part of taking care of patients. The old way (paper timesheets) is no fun! They make payroll complicated and messy. Being able to quickly and easily track time from smartphones makes it easy and accurate. That’s where ClockShark can help! Employees clock in and out from simple GPS mobile apps. It’s so easy that no training is needed.

Let’s make scheduling simple. You can stop calling and texting.

Making sure patient schedules are up to date with your employees takes time. Calling and texting schedules and schedule updates sure can be tedious. With the Employee Scheduler, you can easily drag and drop patients or employees onto the schedule calendar. It’s designed to be easy, so it takes just a few clicks. Employees get the schedule on the mobile app, along with any updates you make throughout the week. Scheduling just got super simple. You can finally stop calling and texting schedules. You’re welcome!

Easy scheduler keep your crew on task and on time.

Laura Zack

My staff and I love using ClockShark. It’s very easy to use and we're able to fix problems fast. I've tried 3 different clock in and out systems and ClockShark is the best by far. Happy to switch to this affordable reliable service!

Karisha Thomas at Adoring Hearts At Home Care (via

View your timesheets from the web. Fast and easy.

Why wait until the end of the pay period to get timesheets? Getting them instantly means you’ll be able to make decisions about overtime, confirm that a patient was seen, or get your invoicing out more quickly. From your web dashboard, you’ll be able to see Who’s Working Now in real-time. You’ll also see which patients an employee worked on, along with what tasks they performed. You can even confirm that employees were in the correct location on a map, with the GPSTrak and GPSFence features. It’s like a magic window onto more accurate patient care!

View timesheets and location data in real time

Before ClockShark, we were completely inefficient when it came to communicating job locations and descriptions. Our company never had a problem getting the work, but it was the efficiency we lacked in. Since we have implemented ClockShark with the guys in the field, our days have been less stressful. Gone are the days where guys are asking what they are supposed to do? It has helped simplify keeping track of hours and is an easy reference tool to utilize as an employer. We are so thankful that an app such as this was created, because it has really helped solve inefficiency problems!

Rachel Tarman at Quality Reliable Solutions (via

Notifications provide gentle reminders to clock in and out

Healthcare workers have a lot to keep track of. Every stop is another patient with unique needs, history and expectations. With so much to keep track of, it’s easy to forget to punch the time clock. Mobile time tracking only works well when it gets used consistently. Forgetting is no longer a problem with timesheet reminders. When the schedule changes you can notify employees, so they know to check their schedule. You can also automatically notify them at the beginning and end of each item on their schedule so they don’t forget to clock in or out.

Automatic reminders help employees to clock ina and out

Rhonda Starren

I have 10 guys in the field. I telecommute for work; before we were having everyone text me their hours at the end of the day and I add them to a spreadsheet. It was overwhelming. People forgot, couldn't remember what job they were on. Monday mornings I was spending 2-3 hours just verifying hours before I could even run the payroll. It's so simple now.

Amy Burns at Stalker Electric Inc (via

Plan better to provide superior patient care

The ClockShark web dashboard provides easy to use yet powerful time reporting. You can see exactly how much time is being spent on each patient, each task and by which employee. You’ll know where your most profitable work is happening and ensure patients get the quality of care they deserve. Plan for additional services, or redirect your client acquisition strategy. More insights into how you spend your time equal more profits and better patient care. That’s a win for everyone involved! Aren’t you awesome?

Easy yet powerful reporting gives you all the data you need

Maritza Westons

ClockShark saved our business! When it came to estimating labor costs we had no real way of tracking and reporting after the fact. Clockshark not only allowed us to see certain gaps we needed to close but found some positive benefits of people who were working harder than anybody else and allowed employee recognition.

Scotty Schmidt at Zebedee (via

HIPPA? We Speak Your Language

Keeping your processes HIPAA-compliant is top of mind for any health care business, and that means making sure your software keeps you in the “happy HIPAA zone”. With ClockShark you’ve got what you need to stay compliant. Your data transfers will be encrypted and your data will be stored on secure servers. You can provide unique login credentials for all your employees and you’ll have the tools to restrict employee access to only the jobs and tasks you want each employee to see. ClockShark helps you setup and maintain a HIPAA-compliant process, so you can breathe a sigh of relief!

ClockShark can support your HIPAA compliant practice

Laura Zack

Love the ability to track workers, and hold them accountable to the work they are reporting. As a home health agency, there are over +100 job sites that our clinicians visit daily. Keeping track of employees completing visits and being able to verify this task has become invaluable in the quality of care we provide to our customers. The software is simple, intuitive, and works on a variety of platforms. Customer support has been spot on; never have I waited to speak to a representative, or been left with unanswered questions.

Carlos Graves at Generations Hospice Care (via

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