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Let's keep your assets in tip top shape by taking back control of your greatest asset. Time.

As a Real Estate or Facilities Manager you have a lot of work at hand. Time tracking and scheduling methods that aren't built specifically for your mobile workforce don't make it any easier to keep up. Good news! Chasing down timesheets and making tedious scheduling phone calls is a thing of the past! With the GPS-enabled mobile time tracking apps, your employees can clock in and out from their phone and see their schedule. You'll stay in control from your fancy new web dashboard. You can stop worrying about what's getting done and focus on what needs to happen next. Who ever said being proactive isn't possible in Real Estate and Facilities Management?

Time Clocks That Travel. You Can't be Tied Down

Your workers travel across town or across the property to get to the job. They're on the move. Their time clock should be, too. ClockShark's free mobile apps work on both Apple and Android devices. Your workers' smartphones become their time clock.

It's a simple portable time clock that goes to the job with them. To clock in they select the job and task, tap “Clock In” and get to work. It doesn't get much easier and portable than that.

Time Clocks that travel with you

Laura Zack

Great time card system. We use it for our business of 20+ employees and it works great! I highly recommend it if you have guys out in the field.

Mike Beaulieu at New Look Painting (via

GPS Locations Come Standard. See Workers on a Map

Do you ever get the feeling an employee may not be where they should be? The time card apps use GPSTrak™ (GPS Technology) so you can see employee locations on a map alongside the timesheet.

Was your crew at the right place? Did they do the right work? How long did it take? Did they clock out from the site, or from down the road? All of these questions are easy to answer. As a bonus, geofence time tracking is included.

See the location of everytime punch

Easy to use dashboard, basic reporting and I am a huge fan of the GPS locator options with tracking when/where a crew clocked in.

Lindsay Bailey at BessBuilt LLC (via

Know Who's Working Now. Better than Wondering

Would you like to always know who's on the clock and who's done for the day? Now you'll know! We call it the “Who's Working Now” feature because it shows you on a map where everyone is that's working. It comes in handy for lots of things.

For example, you can see who's closest to an emergency call so you can decide who should be dispatched. With one look at the map, you'll know exactly how to handle it. Isn't technology great?

See who is clocked in right now on a map

Rhonda Starren

This app is a huge time saver for me, especially since we have employees on job sites all over the place. This makes it easy to keep track of them all and expense out their hours properly. I have found that the staff at ClockShark really listen to suggestions and do their best to implement features the customer wants/needs. It is always easy to get in touch with someone, if you have a suggestion or need help with something.

NicoleGuev (via Intuits

Easy Scheduling with Reminders. Stop the Phone Call Madness

If you're like us, you're sick of sending schedules out by text message or phone calls. What a waste of time! We've made scheduling easy. Just click to drag jobs or employees onto a calendar to set up the week's schedule in no time.

Your employees can see their schedules on their phone, so they'll know where to be and when to be there. You'll know all your jobs are getting done on time. You can even send timesheet reminders to your employee's phone. Your scheduling is no longer madness!

Drag and drop scheduler with push notifications

Maritza Westons

So glad I found this program. I manage a small business and it was getting to be tricky getting all 'my guys' on the same page as far as scheduling, clocking, etc. ClockShark takes care of it all. We use it as a time management tool as well as a customer database. It's very user friendly and payroll at the end of the week is a breeze with all the different reports we can utilize. Definitely recommend this one.

CincyDeb (via Inuits

Answer Client Questions with Reports. Just a Few Clicks.

Have you ever had a property owner ask you what's been done recently? With the easy to use time reporting you can answer confidently. Get a report of the time spent by Job (Client/Asset), Task or Employee for any date range.

Want to know how much time is spent on landscape maintenance? Easy. How often is the parking area being cleared? A piece of cake. What was done at a building in the last 30 days? Walk in the park. Actually, with the time you'll save on reporting, you actually could take a walk in the park. Wouldn't that be nice?

East to run reports gets you the data you need

Rhonda Starren

I work as an independent contractor for a commercial real estate company and have to invoice each property separately each week. This app saves me a ton of time. And it exports right into QuickBooks! Love it!

Mitd (via Intuits

Integration = Automated Payroll with No Data Entry

Keying timesheets in for payroll every week is no fun. ClockShark integrates with QuickBooks Online and the desktop versions of QuickBooks. This two-way syncing completely automates your payroll and time tracking in QuickBooks.

Not on QuickBooks? No problem. ClockShark also integrates with Sage, ADP and other popular accounting and payroll software. Like magic your timesheets are in your payroll system ready for payroll. Data entry errors are a thing of the past and your payroll processing time is cut in half. Half the time, zero data entry, and push-button payroll. What's not to love?

Sync with QuickBooks to save time on payroll

Maritza Westons

We run a property management company and this allows us to lock in locations/jobs via GPS and drop the hours into QB saving us a mass amount of time. Thanks.

CliffordKyle (via Intuits

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