Mobile Time Tracking and Scheduling for Technology and Audio / Video Companies

Time Tracking and Scheduling is Critical. Let’s Get it Straight

Time tracking and scheduling is life and death for any field service or installation business. So it needs to be accurate and timely. But that’s easier said than done, right? There’s too much time wasted trying to figure out where everyone is supposed to be, what they’re doing, and who the work is for. Payroll, job costing, happy customers, and profits all depend on getting this information right with a minimum of effort. The good news is, ClockShark makes time tracking and scheduling easy. That’s why thousands of technology and audio/video businesses like yours use ClockShark.

Time Tracking and Scheduling Made Quick and Easy

Ready for that customer installation? Not so fast. You need a plan to schedule employees and track their time! ClockShark’s free time card apps for IOS and Android make time tracking and scheduling fast and easy using the smartphones or tablets they already carry.

Employees tap a job, tap a task, and press the clock in button. It takes just a few seconds, so it won’t interrupt their work. On your web dashboard, you’ll see that they started work along with their job, task and GPS location information. You get awesomely accurate data. Your employees get a super easy to use system that travels with them. It’s a win/win!

Time tracking and scheduling in one place

Laura Zack

Easy to use scheduling and time tracking. The combination of being able to schedule employees and track their time in once place is very useful to our organization. It's especially valuable to be able to track time by task and project.

Craig Whitmore at Build It By Design (via

GPS Tracking is like X-Ray Vision. Meet Your New Superpowers

Have you ever wondered where your employees are? Are they Installing equipment or back home relaxing? Now you’ll know. The GPSTrak feature takes GPS locations 3-4 times per hour and beams it to a map on your computer screen.

It’s like x-ray vision from the office to the field. If someone clocks in from their couch, it’s not a mystery any more. That means no more wasted payroll dollars. Let’s call your accountant, she’s going to love this!

Know where your employees are when they punch the clock

Works Great! Very convenient. ClockShark was recommended to me by another employer. Everything was easy to set up and has made tracking jobs many times easier. Have saved lots of time not messing with paper timecards.

Michael GIlbert at Faber Inc. (via

Keep Everyone’s Schedule On Track, from Installs to Service Calls

Getting everyone in the right place at the right time doesn’t have to be hard. The drag and drop employee scheduling feature makes it easy to organize your work and employees to make sure everything gets done on time.

Your employees can see their schedules right on their smartphones with the free ClockShark employee time tracking apps so they always know where to go and what to do. No more frantic phone calls and text messages needed to keep your crew on track. Scheduling just got simple!

Easy scheduler that keeps your crew on the right path

Rhonda Starren

Best Timekeeping Solution For Our Firm! We reviewed a lot of timekeeping apps and decided to go with ClockShark. The ease of use and simplicity allowed our field staff to make the transition from paper timesheets very quickly. We have saved a lot of time and money by not having to chase down our staff to turn in their time every week. The company is quick to respond to questions and comments, especially when sending in suggestions to improve the app. I would highly recommend ClockShark to anyone needing a time keeping app for their field and office staff.

Jason Alandy at Green Valley Consulting Engineers (via

Struggling to Respond to Service Emergencies? Not any More

It’s bound to happen. Your schedule is set and everything is going like clockwork. Then the phone rings. A client's system is down or piece of equipment just failed. Who’s available to respond? Is anyone nearby? How will this impact the rest of the schedule?

The Who’s Working Now screen lets you see where everyone is on an easy map. Drag assignments around in the scheduling tool to cover for the emergency and notify the affected employees. With ClockShark you can go from “OMG” to “piece of cake” faster than a laptop can fall down a flight of stairs. Ok, maybe two flights. But that’s still fast.

see whos working now on a map to help triage last minute service calls

Maritza Westons

Super Satisfied Client… and I don't say that lightly! ClockShark has been very easy to manage and has allowed us to schedule our team, track their hours and keep track of their location. It has been particularly helpful with managing our client contact information along with job specific details. Two additional and very valuable aspects of ClockShark are the integration with QuickBooks and the continual attention to upgrading and fine tuning the product.

Cheryl Iodice at CleanSpace Cleaning Services (via

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