Use ClockShark and Zapier to Automate Payroll, Accounting,
& Time Clock App Tasks

Zapier & ClockShark Integration

ClockShark connects with thousands of apps to automate work scheduling and timesheet workflows thanks to the native integration to Zapier. Choose from dozens of pre-built workflows or create your own to tackle the repetitive tasks that cost your local business time and money - no coding required. You'll need a new cape to go with the superpowers.

Zapier Automation with ClockShark keeps everything synced

ClockShark is the #1 Time Tracking App For Construction and Field Service

For field service and construction companies who want to get rid of paper timesheets, ClockShark is the GPS time tracking and scheduling app that's both powerful and easy to use. ClockShark's GPS mobile apps let you track time, schedule employees, view employee locations and categorize job costs in a central web-based dashboard. You can see everything in real time. ClockShark makes your payroll painless and accurate. It also makes getting schedules to employees in the field fast and easy.

Mobile time tracking for construction and field service companies

Greater controls for reporting, notifications, and scheduling jobs

It's easier than ever to manage time tracking for employees in the field. Zapier can automatically trigger workflows in other apps whenever new jobs, tasks, or schedules are created, when a notification occurs, or when employees clock in or out with ClockShark. Or you can create new jobs or tasks in ClockShark when specific trigger events happen in the other apps you use most.

Beautiful account for small businesses

The possibilities are (almost) endless

Wouldn’t it be nice if reports magically generated themselves? Ever worry your employees are forgetting to clock out? How about automatically building a master list of all jobs and tasks in a spreadsheet? Want to have a fresh pot of coffee start to brew when the first employee on the jobsite hits the geofence perimeter? The ClockShark and Zapier integration lets you build the world you want to work in with essential workflows to automate even your most grueling timesheet and scheduling tasks.

Automate with Zapier and ClockShark

I am able to manage payroll quicker with less paperwork. This also frees up time to manage other areas of my business.

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We found the cure for the common code.

Zapier allows you to get more stuff done, and creates more time in your day by connecting the applications local construction and field services use every single day. Simply create a free Zapier account, and start creating workflows from scratch - or browse the automations that ClockShark customers are already using. Use the API key that’s generated in your ClockShark account to connect your data, and then create “zaps” in Zapier. Six triggers and two actions are the basic building blocks to create app recipes with. Don’t let all that power go to your head.

Zapier and ClockShark

It's just very easy to use and find what I need. I love the reports feature and the ability to add breaks when I have to. My payroll is easier and quicker to do each week.

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Zapier Connects You to a World of Apps

More than one million hours were clocked on ClockShark last week alone

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