Looking for a web time clock to keep track of your employees in the field and the office? ClockShark's web time clock uses a web-based dashboard and easy GPS mobile apps to automate payroll time tracking for your office and field staff.

Web Dashboard Saves Time

The ClockShark web dashboard allows you to see time clock punches as they occur in real-time, whether they come in via the web time clock or the ClockShark mobile app. If you're sick and tired of chasing down employees for messy paper timesheets, then you're going to love ClockShark. You'll spend less time chasing and entering paper timesheets.

web time clock dashboard saves time

Clock Time in Multiple Ways

Got employees in the office and in the field? We've got you covered. Use the web time clock for employees in your office and the ClockShark mobile app for employees in the field. With multiple ways to easily clock time, you can sit back and relax while we do all the heavy lifting.

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Our guys will clock out of one Job/Task right from their cell phone and clock in to the next Job/Task that we have set up, all during the same shift. This allows us to bill our clients more accurately. I will NEVER go back to doing timesheets the old tedious way!

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Edit Clocked Time from Any Computer

Once your employees have clocked in or out, you'll have access to the times immediately from your ClockShark web dashboard. From the office your administrative staff can edit the times as needed to make corrections to the times or to the cost codes (we call cost codes Jobs and Tasks to keep things simple).

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I wanted an app that could be used from any smartphone - ios or android and that made it easy to clock in and out and select from a variety of tasks. ClockShark does all of this AND it is incredibly easy for me to make edits. It also is convenient for employees to add notes to their time.

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edit time from any computer

Enter Time Manually

Sometimes it's better if employees can enter time manually (instead of using the time clock) If you'd prefer for Employees to enter their time at the end of the day, or have the ability to edit times they clocked on the time clock, no problem! You can easily control which employees have access to edit their own time clock times and enter manual time.

We operate a telecommunications construction business and have employees spread across a large geographic area and were in need of a more streamlined way to collect and monitor hours. ClockShark has been very cost effective and ~30 crew members adapted to using the app on their smart phone within 1-2 pay periods. The company provides good support service and appears committed to working with the user base to add additional features. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for a cost effective way to eliminate paper timesheets and monitor employee clock in / clock out locations.

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GPSTrak™ Location Reporting

Keep an eye on the whereabouts of employees from your ClockShark web time clock dashboard. Open up your web browser and log in to the Who's Working Now Screen. You'll see your employees clocking in and out (as well as switching cost codes) in real time. You'll also see their GPS location throughout the day. Yep, you can now say goodbye to the constant guessing on employee whereabouts both while they are clocking in as well as throughout the work day. Now, you're in control!

The employees no longer have to drive to the office to punch in then drive to their job site. It saves everyone a lot of time just driving straight to the job site and punching in when they get there. It also saves the company a lot of money. No more wasted time! :) I like the fact that I can see where everyone is when they are punching in and out. I know they are not punching in or out from home :) I also like that they can switch what job site they are working on so I can get a more accurate labor cost per job

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Clock Time Offline

Working in remote locations with no cell service is no problem. ClockShark's mobile apps for Android and iPhone/iPad are designed to work offline. When working offline, time activities are stored and then synced later when the internet connection returns. It's all 100% easy and transparent for your employees.

If an employee forgets to clock out and decides to clock out when they get home or wherever, with ClockShark, you will know their GPS locations and can prevent employees from falsifying their times. I highly recommend ClockShark. No contracts, No gimmicks, No Pressure! I have researched a few others and ClockShark beats the others...hands down! Thanks ClockShark for saving me time & $$$$!

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A Web Time Clock that Saves You Lots of Money

Paper timesheets are really expensive. It's human nature to round times up on paper timesheets, and that waste adds anywhere from 2-8%* to your payroll. Can you feel the hard-earned money slipping through your fingers? ClockShark's web time clock and mobile apps allow you to track time down to the minute. No more rounding. No more guessing. Just accurate mobile and web time clocking.

Excellent App. ClockShark cut our payroll processing time in half. Everyone in our company loves it.

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Web Time Clocks Should be Simple

One thing we hear over and over from construction and field service companies is that a mobile/web time clock system has to be super simple and easy to use. Getting employees to use a new software can sometimes be an uphill battle, so keeping things simple is critical. So, everything in ClockShark was built from the ground up to be so easy to use that no employee training is needed.

The interface is modern and beautiful and these guys are by far the most responsive company I have ever dealt with. The customer service is insanely good.

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easy web dashboard time clock

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