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Time Tracking and Scheduling for Mobile Workforces.
Let’s End the Chaos.

Time tracking and scheduling are a mess. Everyone’s going different directions. Nobody seems to fill out their timesheets right. Or, they don’t bother to turn them in at all. To make it worse, you have to get the schedule to each and EVERY employee. Except the schedule keeps changing and no one seems to know which direction to go. Except you. But you can only do so much - there’s only one of you! But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Easy, powerful time tracking and scheduling built for companies with mobile employees - that’s ClockShark.

Mobile Time Tracking

Mobile Time Tracking Meet Mobile Workforce. Instant Best Friends.

Mobile workers need mobile time clocks. When your time clock travels with you, you can use it in real time. That means accurate and complete data. Now everyone’s happy, including your boss. Get ready for that promotion!

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Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling Keeps Everyone on Track

What's better than easy to use mobile time tracking? Time tracking and scheduling together! With ClockShark you get scheduling at no additional charge. It's included.

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Mobile Time Tracking

Manage Paid Time off Policies Effortlessly.

Whether you’re using pen and paper for requests or spreadsheets that track accrued vacation and sick time, the manual way of doing PTO is over. Welcome to simple.

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QuickBooks Time Tracking

Integrations Make Payroll and Accounting Easy

Connecting time tracking to your payroll is a real time saver. Our integrations with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, ADP RUN, ADP WorkForce Now, Xero, Sage, and Zapier allow you to connect with the systems you already use to run your business better. Double data entry and manual keying are things of the past. You've got better things to do.

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Time Reporting

Time Reporting Just Got Clean and Easy

ClockShark makes gathering time data easy. We also make it easy to report on so you can turn your data into actionable insights. Easy to read, clean reports. That comes standard.

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Take control of scheduling and time tracking
while saving time and money.

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GPS Time Clock App

GPS Time Clock Apps Mean Total Visibility. No More Rounding Up.

Never wonder where your employees are or were again. ClockShark's mobile apps use the GPS location of the smartphone or tablet to get location data and include it with every clock punch. That means no more rounding up on timesheets, and 2-8% payroll savings in your pocket.

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GeoFence Time Tracking

Geofences Makes Remembering to Track Time Easy

In ClockShark you can set geofences around your job sites or business locations. With GPSFence technology the mobile apps can detect those geofences and remind employees to clock in or out. No more forgetting.

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Web Punch Clock

With the Web Punch Clock Employees Can Clock in From their Desk

In addition to the mobile apps, ClockShark also has a web time clock you can use from a computer. If you have office or shop staff, we've got you covered.

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Kiosk Time Clock for Tablets and Smartphones

KioskClock™ transforms a tablet or smartphone into a time station everyone can use.

With KioskClock™, multiple employees can quickly clock in from a single smartphone or tablet. Everyone gets an easy 4-digit PIN. Just a few taps on the kiosk, and they're on the clock. A reliable time clock kiosk with no clunky hardware or unneeded complexity, it doesn't get any simpler.

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Take control of scheduling and time tracking
while saving time and money.

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Whos Working Now

Who's Working Now? Let’s Look.

Ever wondered where your crew was right this second? Wonder no more. ClockShark can show you where everyone who's clocked in is on a simple map complete with satellite imagery overlays. Yep, you can just look. Simple.

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Timesheet Approvals

Monitor Compliance and Prepare for Payroll with Timesheet Approvals

Signed, sealed, delivered—don’t forget approved! The most important step before processing payroll is reviewing and approving everything for a pay period. Easily put your stamp of approval on every employee’s timesheet with ClockShark’s timesheet approval.

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Attach files to timesheets

View and Share Photos and Documents with File Attachments

File attachments allow photos and documents to be shared right from the field. Snap a picture of work progress and attach it or other documents right to the timesheet. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Five Star Customer Support

Customer Support Should Be Amazing

Aren’t you tired of mediocre? Every aspect of Business is full of it. At ClockShark, one of our core values is that customer support must be nothing less than great. So we actually made a rule against mediocrity. With our help, thousands of companies have made a successful switch to mobile time tracking, and we can help you succeed too. Have a question, want advice or want to learn something? Let us know. We'll be here to help!

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Take control of scheduling and time tracking
while saving time and money.

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Timesheet Reminders

Remind Employees to Clock In at Specific Times

Mobile time tracking only makes your life easier if everyone uses it. With Timesheet Reminders we’ll prompt your employees to clock in and out so they don't forget. That means less of your time will be spent making edits to timesheets.

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Job Costing

Accurate Job Costing is No Longer a Dream

We’re built for job costing. Employees select a job and labor task with each clock in, so you'll have everything you need for accurate job costing. Now you can start living the dream!

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Audit Log

The Audit Log Means No Change is Lost

Everyone knows elephants have great memories, but so do sharks. ClockShark stores a record of every timesheet edit so you can go back and see all the changes. Forever.

Learn More About How the Audit Log Stores all Changes

Organize your employees by office location and department

Departments & Locations Segment Large Businesses

Larger organizations can run multiple offices and departments with a single ClockShark account. Employees and reports can be split by locations and departments to give you the data you need.

Learn More About Using Locations & Departments for Large Businesses

*2-8% payroll savings is an estimate based on customer reports and a study by the American Payroll Association.