With The Time Audit Log, Changes Are Stored Forever

What times are being edited? Who's doing it? What was it before? When did it happen? Who's using the system? You’ll be able to answer these questions easily with ClockShark’s Time Audit Log. If you ever need to look back to see what changed on a timesheet, when and by who, the Time Audit Log always shows you the truth.

Time Audit

Edited Time Records Are Clearly Marked

When a timesheet is changed, it’s clearly marked with the name of the user who edited it and when it was edited. To view the changes that were made simply click the View Changes link. Now, you don’t have to worry about someone changing something they shouldn’t. There’s always a trail on any edit, so you can rest assured that only “honest” edits are taking place.

This software makes it easy for all employees to clock in anywhere at anytime. It is so easy to use for the administrator as well - very easy to make edits.

Review from Tara Gold at Capone Construction Inc. on capterra.com

Time Audit Log

Recorded Login and Logouts lets you know who's using the system

You don’t have to wonder which administrative users are accessing your ClockShark website. The audit log reports the login and logout of each user accessing the system. It’s like a security guard at your front door. Secure, just like everything else in ClockShark.

Workers won't or can't use it unless the interface is simple, direct and very user friendly. ClockShark fulfills this requirement. My employees use it without complaint.

Review from Charles Worrel at Trans-Flyover, LLC on capterra.com

Logging Time Audits

Tracked Changes Let You See The Old and The New

Some days, remembering what was for dinner last night is a challenge. Remembering what happened last week or even 6 months ago? Forget about it! The good news is that with Time Audit Logs, you don’t have too. Click on any edited record in the Time Audit Log to see the old information next to the new information. You’ll always have a complete history of any edits. That’s one less thing you have to remember. We’ll remember it for you.

I wanted an app that could be used from any smartphone - iOS or Android and that made it easy to clock in and out and select from a variety of tasks. ClockShark does all of this AND it is incredibly easy for me to make edits.

Review from Sunray33 on Intuit's Apps.com

See all the edits made in the audit log

Timestamps On Each Log Lets You See How Things Unfolded

Every entry in the Time Audit Log is marked with the time and date of when that entry occurred. Not only is it handy to see when things happened, it becomes really important when you’re piecing together many edits or a chain of related items. Timestamps show you what was done when and in what order so you can see everything in context.

Since we started using ClockShark our time on admin work was almost cut in half! Time and cost tracking was much better after using ClockShark.

Review from Riaan Goosen at Newmil Marine on capterra.com

Timestamps show you exactly when everything happened

Search Filters Let You Find Exactly What You're Looking For

Your Time Audit Logs contain a lot of information. To help you find what you’re looking for, there are search filters. You can narrow things down by seeing items from only the last 7, 14 or 30 days. Or you can look at items from this month, last month or enter any date range you want. There is also a search field so you can look for items with specific words or phrases in them. Search filters are like a super powered magnet to help you find the needle in your Audit Log haystack.

Filters help you find what you need in the audit logs

I would spend most of Monday entering timesheets from the week before. ClockShark has helped streamline the timesheet tracking problem and it integrates with QuickBooks so well I only have to edit employee time when they are the ones that screw up. There are tons of great search features so that it is easy to find the job you are working on and get things done.

Review from Cori Schafer at Straightedge Construction on capterra.com

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