Five Star Customer Support Included

We designed ClockShark to be super easy to use, but don't worry if you have a question - we're here for you. We value, above all else, helping you succeed. So, we have several ways to get amazingly fast, super helpful support. But don't take our word for it, hundreds of five-star reviews talk about how well we take care of customers.

Support Shouldn't Cost Extra

There's no charge for service calls, chats or emails. There is no "premium support" package - It's all included for free. All our phone calls, chats and emails and handled by highly trained actual humans. Super friendly humans that want to help you succeed. Call us once, call us a hundred times. We'll answer and it won't cost you a thing.

Whenever I have had any technical issues and I have needed to contact technical support, I have only had great experiences. They took the time to solve my issue as fast as they could and I felt that they really cared for me as a customer. It has been a great experience from the beginning!

Review from Enrique Melena at Stone Security on

Customer support is included

Contact Us However You Want

Are you a phone call kind of person? Great! Our number is 1 (800) 828-0689. Wanna chat with us from within the app? Go ahead, just click on the chat icon. Email more your thing? Got you covered. Drop us a line at Whatever you want to use to talk to us, we'll be there. Except for smoke signals. It's not that we aren't willing, we just don't know how to read them.

Great Product! Customer Support is amazing. Usually get an immediate response. Very user friendly. So easy to correct time, add jobs, add and delete employees. Has made my job processing payroll much faster.

Review from Melissa Morgan at Southern Traffic Services, Inc. on

Contact us throuhg phone, chat or email

Let Us Help Setup Your Account

We've helped thousands of companies move to mobile time tracking. Give us a shout and we'll help you setup your account. We can even share some best practices that have helped others get the most out of ClockShark. Just ask and we'll be more than happy to help. Oh yeah - also free.

So easy to use! Right from the start, this has been so simple for everyone to use. We've never tried a system like this before, but the customer service team made it easy to get everything set up in no time.

Review from Keri Campbell at Marc Nelson Oil on

We can help you set up your account

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors

"That's not our problem" is not something you'll hear from us. Our Customer Success Representatives are Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. That means they'll be able to help you with QuickBooks questions related to integrating ClockShark. For more involved help, we can also refer you to trusted third-party QuickBooks Bookkeeping and Accounting Professionals from our network of partners. We've got you covered!

We needed an app to help us track hours and jobs worked on for our field people that could synchronize with QuickBooks. The process of mapping and synchronizing was somewhat lengthy but support was always ready to help and held our hand through the whole process. There hasn't been a time that I called and no one picked up the phone or returned my calls or replied to emails. We like the app. A big plus is their outstanding technical support.

Review from Hank87 on Intuit's

Our support team are QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors

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