Segment Your Timesheet Data With Department And Location Groups

ClockShark makes it easy to find out where your time and effort goes with our easy to use reports and timesheet editor. You can break down time spent by Job, Task or Employee. But you can take it one step further with the Departments and Locations feature. Group your Employees into Departments and Locations for easy filtering. Is your West Side Office is as efficient as your East Side Office? No need to wonder any longer. Good decisions start with good data, usable data. We just turned that dial up to 11 for you.🚀

Timesheet App Organization

Multiple Business Locations for Larger Multi-Location Businesses or Territories

If you have more than one business location or cover multiple territories, you need to know how each is doing. ClockShark can give you the insight you need. You can filter each report in ClockShark by Location. By setting up each office or territory as a Location you can see what jobs, tasks, and employee time gets spent on each. Now you can see how each office is performing, or which territory is getting the most maintenance calls.

Timesheet Application

[ClockShark] gives us more accountability for everyone in our company. Even the owners use the app when they're visiting one of our offices or out in the field!

Review from Jennifer Burpee at Pest Eliminators, Inc. on

Group Employees By Department and Location

You can assign employees to any of the Departments or Locations you create in ClockShark. Your crew continues to clock in the same way they do now so there is nothing new for them to do. Employee time and tasks information are segmented automatically. Even historical clock punches are included for review. Filter your reports by Location, Department or both.

Timesheet App for Employees

I'm thoroughly impressed with the features that Clockshark has supplied. We use the system across multiple companies in order to track multiple employees, which makes the Monday after pay period end a breeze in calcuating payroll

Review from Steven Weggemann at Lonestar Tank & Supply on

View and Edit Timesheets by Department and Location

When it’s time to view and edit each week’s timesheets, you can easily filter what’s on the screen to see only those Employees in a specific Department or Location. This filtering comes in handy when a single supervisor, manager or admin person is responsible for only a specific group of employees’ timesheet approvals.

Filter reports by location

Until we found ClockShark, employees submitted paper timesheets and clerical staff manually entered each timesheet. Timesheets would be lost or not turned in timely. In turn, these problems and more meant 12 - 16, hours per week, sometimes even more, for clerical staff to decipher and enter timesheets in order for payroll to be completed. The savings for administrative costs have been exceptionally beneficial.

Review from Tammy Mason at Mason's Dozing & Construction, Inc. on

Reporting By Business Location and Department

Filter reports by Locations and Departments to compare different offices and functional groups in your business. It’s easier than ever to see which office travels more or what territory has the most maintenance calls. You can’t be everywhere at once, but with Departments and Locations in ClockShark you’ll still know what's going on in all your offices and departments.

Reports and can be filtered by departments

We have seen a decrease in employee hours with ClockShark which means we are not overpaying them for paper timesheet errors! The reporting tool makes it easy to do job costing as well as billing. ClockShark has really made a difference for us!

Review from Kristie Wert at Great Lakes Electric on

Compare Performance By Business Location or Department

By filtering your reports by Location or Department you can see trends over time. Is the demolition crew getting more work done than they did last year? Is your service team getting through more stops than last quarter? You can also compare two different Locations or Departments. Is the new office performing at the same level as the others? Whether you use it for planning, performance reviews or taking over the world, getting better time tracking insights on specific parts of your business is about to become easy.

Compare different departments and locations with the report filters

As head of HR, I'm particularly fond of its ease of access, accountability, & accuracy, it makes Labor Code compliance & Workers Compensation Audits a breeze! I tried at least 4 other applications & websites before landing on this one & it is without a doubt the best.

Review from Sadies on Intuit's

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