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Employee Scheduling is an important part of any business. It's even more critical when your workforce is in the field. That's why ClockShark's easy drag and drop employee scheduling tool can help you keep ahead of the game. Employees can see their schedule right from their smartphones so they always know where to be. If anything on the schedule changes, your workforce gets notified immediately. Even with changing conditions, supplier delays and last minute service calls, ClockShark can keep your employees on schedule. It's both easy and powerful.

Employee Scheduling App

No More Calling and Texting Employee Schedules

Calling and texting schedule changes to employees is time consuming and painful. Having to drop what you are doing, or stay late to communicate with employees every time your schedule changes is a nightmare. But it doesn't have to be that way. ClockShark's employee scheduler relays schedule changes right to each employee's mobile app, automatically! With ClockShark there's no more late night phone calls and frantic last minute text messages for you and your staff.

Employee Scheduler

We are extremely happy with ClockShark, the app has been really useful for keeping the employees up to date with their changing schedules and allows them to punch in and out with ease.

Review from Chlio3 on Intuit's Apps.com

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Drag and Drop.

Scheduling should be easy, so that's how we made it. Find a job, drag it to the calendar and you're done. If you'd rather schedule by the employee instead of the job you can do that, too. Just find the employee you want from the list and drag it onto the schedule. You can move the schedule items around, or edit their details if things change. Click. Drag. Done.

Employee Scheduling Software

ClockShark is a great tool to use for scheduling employees. It's very easy & intuitive. Training employees on using it is a breeze. It's an easy way to manage who's working where.

Review from Mark1970 on Intuit's Apps.com

Pick Up Your Phone, Know Your Schedule, Go To Work

It should be that easy. Employees shouldn't have to wonder where they're supposed to be. With ClockShark they can pick up their phone each morning and know where to go with just a tap. The schedule stays up to date automatically. If you make a change to the schedule, it shows up the phone app right away. Scheduling is done!

Schedules are easily read from the mobile app

Wow! ClockShark has cut the time spent on adding time cards, site checks and scheduling in half. It's easy to use and we never have a problem with ClockShark being accurate.

Review from JamesonNJ on Intuit's Apps.com

Goodbye Driving Directions. Hello Automatic Navigation.

If you're like us, you're sick of sending tedious and confusing driving directions or addresses to employees. With ClockShark scheduling, input the job address once. Employees see an easy map on their schedule. With one tap they get turn by turn navigation from their mobile device. Everyone's job just got easier. Isn't technology great?

Directions to each job are available through the schedule

ClockShark is amazing. It is really user friendly and helps a lot with with keeping track of employees and their work. We really like the scheduling and how employees can report their progress and completion.

Review from Nicho324 on Intuit's Apps.com

Scheduling Meet Time Tracking. Better Together.

Sometimes two things go really well together, like peanut butter and jelly. Time tracking and scheduling are a perfect example. Putting them together means the time clock can remind employees to clock in based on their schedule. Because the scheduler knows who's supposed to be where, you'll get notified automatically if someone didn't clock in on time, or doesn't clock in at all. No more stressing out over who made it and who didn't. If something doesn't match the schedule, we'll tell you. It's a match made in heaven.

Schedules can trigger notifications to keep everyone up to date

Our crew knows to check their schedule in the morning on their iPhones and they clock their hours at the end of the day. This has really helped with organizing and scheduling. A must have. Bottom line!

Review from Parksy on Intuit's Apps.com

Ten Phone Calls Worth of Work Is Now a Few Clicks

After you've quickly dragged and dropped your schedule changes, you can let affected employees know about changes automatically. Just click the Notify Employees button. Employees with changes to their schedule will get an email or mobile push notification letting them know about the change. How's that for easy? Instant notifications - one of the great benefits of smartphone apps.

Updates via email or mobile push notifications are easy when the schedule changes

I have a residential cleaning service and ClockShark allows me to schedule my employees, track their locations, and see how long each job takes. Without it, I would spend several hours each week tracking all this info manually. I'm very glad I found ClockShark!

Review from Kristin Urbauer at Kristin's Cleaning, Inc on capterra.com

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