ClockShark Invoices


Get paid 5X faster

There's nothing worse than waiting around for your money after you've finished the job. But now, you don't have to. With ClockShark you can create and send invoices in minutes, and receive secure, fast online payments directly to your bank account. Welcome to the future of invoicing.

ClockShark Invoices

Never write another invoice by hand

Need to write an invoice?

Don’t pull out a pen, just generate one straight from the job quote. And as every line item on the quote gets transferred automatically to the invoice, it’ll only take you a couple of clicks to do it. You can even send pictures of the job with the invoice to impress your customer — meaning fewer questions and payment disputes.

ClockShark Invoices - Never write another invoice by hand

Get paid for every hour. Every time.

Set tasks as billable on your timesheets to automatically add them to your invoice as you go. Meaning you never have to worry about losing records of hours worked, or accidentally charging your customer's credit card for the wrong job.

Plus, your customers get more information about the job, and you get paid for exactly the right amount of work — without needing to add anything up on your calculator.

ClockShark Invoices - Get paid for every hour. Every time.

Always know who owes you what

Keep track of every invoice by its status. Check at a glance which ones are still owing. And get notified when they're past due or paid.

You’ll never have to worry about where that missing money is. Have a question? No need to ask your bookkeeper for an answer. Or frantically search through your filing cabinet. With ClockShark, you've got all the information you need in the palm of your hand.

ClockShark Invoices - Always know who owes you what

The quickest way for you to get paid. Period.

Get paid online by credit card directly from your invoice.

Your customers can receive, review, and pay your invoice all from their email. Because who wants to hear "Your check's in the mail"? When you make it quick for your customers to pay ― you get paid quicker. 4-5 times faster, in fact.

ClockShark Invoices - The quickest way for you to get paid. Period.

Like WD40 for your workflow

Invoicing the old way is complicated. You either struggle with mistake-prone sheets of paper. Or use a 3rd party app. But then you need to cut off your invoicing from the rest of your workflow. And hire a bookkeeper too!

With ClockShark, you can manage every part of your workflow in one easy space. Your CRM, time tracking, scheduling, and now invoicing. So when it's time to bill your customers, you don't have to look in 3 different places to find what you need.

ClockShark Invoices - Like WD40 for your workflow

Great product solves multiple needs

Very intuitive and easy to use. We looked at it for timekeeping for payroll, but the best benefit is to manage our service jobs and communicate with our service team. It's streamlined our processes and saved us a considerable amount of time each day, plus we have real-time updates in order to close jobs and invoice much quicker! The team at ClockShark is great - with named individuals assigned to our account so we aren't working with a call center. They know us and our business.
- Brian S.
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Get paid 5X faster
The all-in-one platform

Time Tracking and So Much More

Running a field service or construction business takes constant communication and coordination. That's why we built the ClockShark all-in-one platform - a toolkit with the industry's leading time-tracking plus everything you need to modernize your business.