ClockShark Timesheet Reporting

Timesheet Reporting

Get timesheet reports in no time

Had enough headaches from hard-to-read handwriting on your timesheets? Tired of spending hours sifting through spreadsheets to run a report for payroll? Or Job costing? Or invoicing? Get all the reports you'll ever need, whenever you need them. Save time and energy with automated, 100% accurate, and customizable reporting with ClockShark

ClockShark Timesheet Reporting

All your data. At your fingertips.

Run high-level reports on your teams' timesheets. Dig deep into individual employees' time punches, jobs, or tasks. Control the context using filters for date range or pay period.

With ClockShark, you can see whatever data you want, however you want it. In only a few clicks.

ClockShark Timesheet Reporting - All your data. At your fingertips.

Know exactly who did what and when

Do you really know what's going on at the job site? Are you sure your workers clocked in and out when they said they did? Can you prove anything?

With ClockShark Reporting, you can stop guesstimating for good. Each clock in on the app logs the employee, job, task, and location. When they switch tasks, all the data moves with them too. So you get complete, reliable reports. Every single time.

ClockShark Timesheet Reporting - Know exactly who did what and when

Don't let your Job Costing cost you

When your records aren't accurate, you round up your job costs. And that costs you money. That shouldn't happen. What if you could know how long each task took down to the second?

With the precise data contained in every clock punch on ClockShark, now you can. Get super-specific reports on the time spent on each task. Don't lose another dime to the details.

ClockShark Timesheet Reporting - Don't let your Job Costing cost you

Get a better picture of your business

Use the Department and Location filters to segment your reports for better insight into your business.

Where's your maintenance department spending most of their time? Which office spends the most on framing? When your reports are manual, these types of questions are hard to answer. When you need to plan ahead, or do profitability reviews, that's so frustrating! When you use ClockShark, you'll get the answers you want in an instant.

ClockShark Timesheet Reporting - Get a better picture of your business

Reports to use however you choose

Want to view a report? Just download or print it as a PDF. Need to import or merge it with another spreadsheet? It’s there for you in CSV format. Have to share the data with your payroll software?

Whether you use Quickbooks, Sage, ADP, Xero, or a host of others too, ClockShark's integrations make it easy. No data-reentry. No export/import. No nonsense.

ClockShark Timesheet Reporting - Reports to use however you choose

"I love the reporting feature. I am able to determine the amount of hours spent on any particular job in just seconds."
- Anna D
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