Timesheet Reminders Keep Everyone on Track

Wouldn't it be great if everyone remembered to complete their timesheet without your constant reminders? It's a headache reminding everyone to fill out and turn in timesheets. The good news is, ClockShark's mobile apps and website make tracking time easy. But sometimes employees still forget to punch the clock. To stop these missed punches, you can setup reminders that help employees keep on top of their time tracking. Get ready to stop chasing timesheet corrections and get back to doing better stuff!

Reminders for admins and employees keeps everyone on the same page

Send Time / Day Reminders for Set Schedules

Set clock in and out reminders for specific times and days of the week. It's perfect if employees arrive and leave at the same times each day. You can send the reminder via email, mobile push notification or both. Employees get a helpful reminder to clock in or out at the times you choose.

Set reminders for employees to go out at a set time veryday

Our company Refined HVAC has been using ClockShark for 3 months now, and it has been a fantastic app for our service crew. Our crew knows to check their schedule in the morning on their iPhones and they clock their hours at the end of the day. This has really helped with organizing and scheduling. A must have. Bottom line!

Review from Parksy on Intuit's Apps.com

Schedule Reminders Keep Employees On Schedule

Are your employees' schedules of job sites and/or times changing constantly? No worries! Employees see the schedule of jobs you set up in the schedule on their mobile device. With the schedule reminders feature, employees get a reminder to clock in or clock out at the time they're scheduled. It stops them from forgetting.

Extremely user friendly. Schedule feature is invaluable and timesheets are a breeze to print follow job budgets.

Review from Drew Maher at DM Properties on capterra.com

Set reminders to go out at the start and end of every shift

Send Timesheet Reminders Based on GPS Geofences with GPSFence

Setup GPS geofences on your job sites with the GPSFence feature. Employees can get a reminder to clock in when they enter a job site or get reminded to switch tasks or clock out when they leave. Just one more awesome way to remind employees to clock in and out.

Remind employees to clock in or out when they cross a geofence boundry

We are impressed with the various logs available and tracking of time on various jobs. Especially like the jobsite fencing feature that will not allow workers to clock in until actually on the jobsite.

Review from Thomas Clark at Leeds Clark, Inc. on capterra.com

Timesheet Reminder Settings Work the Way You Do

Turn specific reminders on or off. You can also customize how your reminders are sent, including whether they are sent via email or mobile push notification. Whether your crews work at the same time every day or move around to different sites, ClockShark has a set of reminders that work the way you work.

Use the notifications you want and turn off the ones you dont

I have saved big money with the ClockShark! All my service employees have the app on their phone and are geotagged when they clock in and out. No more rounding up on hours. So much easier to bill my clients with time instant timesheets

Review from JimRRCServices on Intuit's Apps.com

Notifications Keep You Informed in the Office Too

We didn't forget about you. Administrators can get notifications too. If an employee clocks in or out early or late, you can get notified. If someone misses a scheduled clock in or clock out entirely, you'll know. Any clock punches that don't match the schedule, or happen outside of a geofenced job site can generate notifications as well. No more surprises.

Administrators can get notification too

This program is very easy to use. If an employee does not clock out, you get an email notification. I also love the scheduling feature. I believe this is the best timecard app, especially for the price.

Review from Sanyika on Intuit's Apps.com

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Timesheet Reminders Make Remebering To Track Time Easy

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