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Timesheet reminders for mobile workforce

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone remembered to complete their timesheet without your constant reminders? It’s a headache reminding everyone to fill out and turn in timesheets. The good news is, ClockShark’s mobile apps and website make tracking time easy. But sometimes employees still forget to punch the clock. To stop these missed punches, you can setup timesheet reminders that help employees keep on top of their time tracking. Get ready to stop chasing timesheet corrections and get back to doing better stuff!

"Trackability, cost control, geofence, it has it all! Easy for the men to use, no more lost time sheets, gives you reminders, it's dummy proof!"
Edward B
General Manager of RF Shielding
Send Time/Day Reminders for Set Schedules
Set clock in and out reminders for specific times and days of the week. It's perfect if employees arrive and leave at the same time each day. You can send the reminder via email, mobile push notification, or both. Employees get a helpful reminder to clock in or out at the times you choose.
Set employee clock in and out notifications with timesheet reminders
Schedule Reminders Keep Employees On Schedule

Are your employees' schedules of job sites and/or times changing constantly? No worries! Employees see the schedule of jobs you set up in the schedule on their mobile device. With the schedule reminders feature, employees get a reminder to clock in or clock out at the time they're scheduled. It stops them from forgetting.

Send employee schedule remidners

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Send Timesheet Reminders Based on GPS Geofences with GPSFence™

Setup GPS geofences on your job sites with the GPSFence™ feature. Employees can get a reminder to clock in when they enter a job site or get reminded to switch tasks or clock out when they leave. Just one more awesome way to remind employees to clock in and out.

Send Timesheet Reminders Based on GPS Geofences with GPSFence
Timesheet Reminders Settings Work the Way You Do
Turn specific reminders on or off. You can also customize how your reminders are sent, including whether they are sent via email or mobile push notification. Whether your crews work at the same time every day or move around to different sites, ClockShark has a set of reminders that work the way you work.
Customize your notifications withe your timesheet reminders
Notifications Keep You Informed in the Office Too

We didn't forget about you. Administrators can get notifications too. If an employee clock in or out early or late, you can get notified. If someone misses a scheduled clock in or clock out entirely, you'll know. Any clock punches that don't match the schedule, or happen outside of a geofenced job site can generate notifications as well. No more surprises.

Get notification with timesheet reminders when your employee forget to clock in and out
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"The Geo-tracking features and ease of use are excellent. Reminders when crew members reach job-sites helps to mitigate forgetful employees."
Demetre C
Building Materials
Ready to save hours of your time and 2-8%
on labor costs every payroll?
Get started with easy time tracking in under a minute with no credit card
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