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When you've got workers in the field, you've got to know where they are. But you can't see them from inside the office or from a different job site. You need eyes in the field to provide great service and stay on top of projects. If you're a man down on a job site you need to know it fast. When an emergency service call comes in you need to see who is closest and available to respond. That's what the Who's Working Now feature does. You can easily see who's clocked in and where they are on a simple map. It's like a magic window onto your workers.

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See Everyone Who's Clocked In on an Easy to Read Map

Ever wonder how many employees are on a job site right now? With the Who's Working Now feature you'll know. The mobile apps capture GPS coordinates from each clock punch. This location data gets mapped as pins on an easy to read map so you can see who is where, and who isn't.

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ClockShark has become our eyes and ears at job sites, a fact which has curbed employee dishonesty and increased accountability. In effect, ClockShark saves us money every day.

Review from Susan Smith at Maloney Construction, Inc on

Know When Employees Get to The Job in Real-Time

The Who's Working Now map updates in real time. You'll know the second someone clocks in or out and where they were when they did it. Was the crew on time this morning? Did they stay the whole day? Now you know.

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As a company with approximately 30-35 employees, we have to know what jobs our employees are on at any given time. ClockShark makes it easy. We are able to tell how many hours are being spent on each job. If someone forget to clock in or out, the notes section is ideal for letting us know what happened. Easy to navigate.

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Maps Update with GPS Positions Throughout The Day

As new clock ins and clock outs happen, the Who's Working Now screen updates automatically. There's even a sound for clocking in and a different one for clocking out, so if you have it open in the background you'll hear when something changes. You'll always know who's working now.

The whos working now map updates in real time so you do not have to refresh the page

ClockShark has made my payroll so much easier and quicker. The gps features help me see where my employees clock in at.

Review from Hadi Fallah at Fairview Realty Group on

See a Breadcrumb Trail of Where Employees Went

With the GPSTrak feature, you'll see a trail on the map of where an employee was from the clock-in to the clock-out. ClockShark's updating map shows your workforce's movements throughout the day. Locations are updated several times an hour, so you can see where your crew is now and where they were earlier. No matter where they go if they're clocked in, you'll know.

See the various points an employee visited while clocked in on a easy to read map

The ClockShark app has been such a time saver & the employees have really taken to it! Knowing where your employees are while they are clocked in is key for us & cheating on time has been eliminated with this program. I have never experienced this kind of customer service ANY industry! That can't be overemphasized because if you don't know how to use what you have, it is useless & you are wasting your money. In fact, if you don't use ClockShark, you are probably wasting your money.

Review from Donna55 on Intuit's

See What Job and Task Each Employee Clocked In For

Knowing where your workforce is is important. Knowing what they're doing is also essential. You can see what any employee is working on using the Who's Working Now feature. Just click on their name on the list, or on their map pin. Who’s Working Now let you see what jobs and tasks are being done so you know if everything is on schedule.

ClockShark syncs with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop

Moving from paper time cards last year has helped both employees and the admin staff in multiple ways, from true accuracy to almost eliminating paperwork. We are not using all of the great features (yet), but the GPS time stamp has been great as it shows where employees clocked in/out or changed job codes. The savings from reduced administrative work and an almost elimination of employees riding the clock has more than justified using ClockShark.

Review from Rob Kallqvist at WH Platts on

Find Who's Closest to a Job You Need to Dispatch

It's inevitable. Emergency calls and last minute appointments come up. The map on Who's Working Now shows the last known location of all your clocked in employees. You can see who's closest to the location of any last minute stops. No more text messages and phone calls to see who can get there first. Who's Working Now makes it easy to take care of those last minute service stops fast. Now that's superior service.

See everyone who is clocked in on a map to see who is closest to a new destination

Since I have subscribed to ClockShark it has made by job easier and more efficient! The monthly cost is minimal considering the benefits I receive as the office administrator. I would recommend ClockShark to anyone that needs to keep track of job costs as well as employees locations by GPS.

Review from Craig Scher at Climate Control on

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