Benchmark Estimating Software Review

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Benchmark Estimating Software Review

The Benchmark Estimating Software is a program for a variety of industries including contractors, landscaping, Railroad authorities, telecommunications companies, and more in both the private and public arenas. The software assists businesses with estimating jobs, quoting, project reporting, job costing, progress claims, and variations.

Benchmark Estimating Software Features

This software is a simple to use program which makes predicting project costs more precise by utilizing libraries that store the data from your company. The Benchmark Estimating Software comes in three levels. The Lite level is introductory software. This level is for small businesses interested in a strong estimating system but has a limited budget. The Professional level offers some more features such as the Auto Allocate and SubItems.

These features can save a lot of time in the estimating process. This version also includes the Progress Claims element which is a Microsoft Word quote report that is customizable. The Resource-based Export to Microsoft Project is another helpful feature included with the Professional version of the Benchmark Estimating Software. The most comprehensive level offered is the corporate version. The Corporate edition was created for organizations that are very large and operate in an extensive geographical area. This version includes the Regionalization feature to help companies that might otherwise need multiple databases.

Risk Management

There is also a System Security Audit included with this level to assist with the oversight of the system and accountability within the organization. If a company chooses the Corporate or Professional levels, they also have the option of purchasing an add-on module called “Three Point Estimating (TPE)/Risk.” The TPE/Risk module is for organizations that are delivering complex capital works projects. It allows the business to come up with a minimum, maximum and most likely price for the overall project. The TPE/Risk Module can help organizations make overall better budgeting decisions and better risk management.


The Benchmark Estimating Software provides companies with the ability to improve the accuracy of their quotes and estimates. The Benchmark software has many libraries that help store all of the data needed for estimating projects. There is the Resource Library, Variable library, Task Routine Library, Client library, Subcontractor library, Estimator library, Takeoff Sheet Library, Item and Sub-Item library, and Condition library. The library data can be accessed by all members of the company who are working on the estimating. Having access to this data increases the consistency and accuracy of your estimates.

benchmark estimating software


There are many unique functions within the Benchmark software that help to save time and improve the productivity of the estimating process. The software helps streamline the process and reduce the risk of errors and problems in estimates. The Benchmark Estimating Software provides reports for estimates and high-level business analysis which can help save time and advance a company’s performance and operation.

Export Files

The software uses a flexible estimating system that allows you to use it for all kinds of projects regardless of the size. The information in the Benchmark software can be exported to construction programs and accounting/job cost systems to streamline the data and increase productivity. The ability to export also prevents having to enter the same data twice.

The Benchmark Estimating Software utilizes a central SQL database. The program has user-based permissions and security. When users sign on to the Benchmark system, they are greeted with their “My Benchmark” screen. My Benchmark screen is a welcome screen that can be customized. It helps users efficiently manage to estimate. The critical market share data is available on one screen. When creating an estimate, it is easy to create hyperlinks to the related project documents so that anyone who needs them can easily find them. There are drag and drop interfaces that make it easy to add resources from the library.

The Benchmark Software offers many customizable options including the ability to configure many parts of the program to meet the needs of your company such as turning fields on or off and identifying markup percentages. A company logo can be imported into the system to make everything branded to your business.

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