Best Time-Tracking Apps for General Contractors: 2024 Picks

Category: Time | By Max Watt | 4 minute read | Updated Apr 30, 2024
Best Time-Tracking Apps for General Contractors: 2024 Picks

Time is the one thing we can't get back, especially when we're on the tools. As a general contractor, juggling tasks, managing the crew, and keeping track of hours can be a real challenge. That's where a top-notch time-tracking app comes into play. It's not just about punching in and out; it's about making your life easier, your crew more accountable, and your business more profitable. So, let's dive into the best time-tracking apps for general contractors in 2024!

Best Time-Tracking Apps for General Contractors


Streamlining Your Work

ClockShark is designed to be the ultimate time management tool for construction and field service teams. Whether you're tracking hours for payroll, managing jobs, or keeping tabs on your crew's locations, ClockShark has got you covered. It’s got the whole toolbox of features, from mobile time tracking to job costing and customer management.

Why ClockShark?

ClockShark sorts out the headaches from mistakes that come with manual errors. It's got auto time tracking on your phone, GPS to know where everyone's at, and sticks to the overtime rules. It makes sure your payroll's spot on, and you can see where your crew's at in real-time, so you're always in the loop. 

ClockShark's reports give you the lowdown on labor costs, so you can keep an eye on jobs and use your team efficiently. And setting up the crew schedule? Easy as pie with its drag-and-drop feature, making sure everyone's on the job when they should be.

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Simplifying Time Tracking for Teams

Harvest is more than just a time-tracking tool; it's a platform where you manage projects, distribute your workload efficiently, and get your team working together at their best. Trusted by over 70,000 companies worldwide, including big names like Volkswagen and Dell, Harvest offers a range of features designed to make your job easier.

Why Harvest?

Harvest lets you track time however you like, with timers or manual entry, so your crew can clock their hours right. It's got easy-to-read progress tracking and all your data in one place to keep things on track and on budget.

You can pull up reports to see who did what or how tasks are going, getting the full picture of how the job's going. And when it comes to billing, Harvest makes it simple with smooth invoicing and online payments, so you get your money quicker.


Leading Construction Management Platform

Procore is the go-to solution for construction management, trusted by industry greats like Balfour Beatty and Gilbane. With over 1 million projects managed across 150+ countries, Procore offers a full set of features to streamline every phase of construction projects.

Why Procore?

Procore is one of the best time-tracking apps for general contractors because it gives you the full picture of your building jobs, letting you keep an eye on progress and use your gear and crew just right. Its mobile app links the site and the office, giving you live updates to spot issues early and keep things on schedule.

You can keep tabs on your budget and expenses with Procore's financial tools. And sorting out invoices and getting bids in? Procore makes it straightforward. The best part is that everyone involved can work together easily, from the big bosses to the team on site.


Your All-in-One Accounting Solution

FreshBooks is the simplest accounting and financial management for small businesses like yours. With customizable invoices, expense tracking, and time tracking features, FreshBooks offers everything you need to manage your payroll more effectively and your finances with ease.

Why FreshBooks?

FreshBooks makes sending out invoices easy, with templates you can tweak and automatic reminders for payments. It sorts your expenses neatly and has tax-friendly categories to make tax time less of a headache. Plus, tracking time and keeping projects is all part of the FreshBooks package.

You can dig into detailed reports to see how your business is doing financially. And managing clients? A breeze with FreshBooks. You can store all their info in one spot, making it easy to keep in touch and work together.


Efficient Project and Team Management

Teamwork is a platform designed to help businesses manage projects, teams, and client relationships simply. With features like resource and workload management, time tracking, and client collaboration, Teamwork offers a great solution for all your project management needs.

Why Teamwork?

Teamwork's got tools to keep an eye on your team's workload, making sure everyone's got room to move and things keep flowing. It helps you track time right for billing and sorting out pay. 

You can loop in clients and other tradespeople easily with Teamwork's access features, making sure everyone's on the same page. And when it comes to knowing how your projects are going, Teamwork's reports give you the lowdown so you can make smart choices about where to put your resources and what to tackle next.


Boost Your Productivity with TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a time tracking and attendance management tool designed to help businesses make the most out of their time to improve productivity. With features like project profitability analysis, precise billing, and team collaboration, TimeCamp offers a range of tools to streamline your operations.

Why TimeCamp?

TimeCamp keeps an eye on who's in and out with its attendance tracking and helps make payroll a cinch. It's got tools to see how time's spent on projects, making sure things run smooth and you're billing right.

You can get live updates and detailed reports with TimeCamp, letting you check on performance, keep an eye on costs, and use the data to make smart moves to boost profits.

Buddy Punch

Simplify Employee Time Tracking with Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is an employee time clock software designed to make employee scheduling, time tracking, and payroll processes simple. Whether your employees are working remotely or on-site, Buddy Punch offers features to monitor their time and attendance effectively.

Why Buddy Punch?

Buddy Punch keeps tabs on who's in and out right now, making payroll a breeze with its automated calculations. You can customize how you do payroll, and it plays nicely with other popular payroll software.

For those working from home or out on the road, Buddy Punch helps you see what they're up to and makes sure everyone's putting in their time. And for the crew, it's easy to clock in or out with the app and get updates on schedules or any changes coming up.


Empower Your Team with Homebase

Homebase offers a full kit of tools designed to help small businesses manage employee scheduling, time tracking, payroll, communication, and HR management.

Why Homebase?

Homebase has got your back with time clocks and scheduling tools to sort out shifts for your crew. It makes payroll a breeze by calculating it all for you and sorting out taxes based on timesheets.

You can keep everyone in the loop with Homebase's messaging, alerts, and reminders. And when it comes to hiring or keeping track of your team's info, Homebase helps you post jobs, track applicants, and keep all those important docs in order, making managing your crew a whole lot easier.


Elevate Your Team's Productivity with Hubstaff

Hubstaff offers a range of features designed to help you track time, manage tasks, and improve team productivity. With cross-device tracking, detailed time reports, and workforce management tools, Hubstaff provides everything you need to streamline your operations.

Why Hubstaff?

Hubstaff keeps tabs on time across all devices, making sure it's spot-on with automated timesheets. You can dig into detailed reports and live data to see how the team's doing, helping you tweak things to work better and get more done.

With Hubstaff's scheduling, client work orders, and custom invoices, you've got everything you need to keep projects on track, clock time right, and get those invoices out without a hitch.

Each of these software choices has its own perks, perfect for different types of businesses. If you're running a small outfit and just need an easy way to track time, or if you're a big construction crew after top-notch project management, this list of the best time-tracking apps for contractors has got you sorted. It's a great starting point to find what fits your needs best.

Key Features Of The Best Time-tracking Apps For General Contractors You Cannot Miss

Picking the right time-tracking app can make a big difference in how smoothly things run. Look out for features like good time tracking, an easy-to-use layout, and software that plays well with others. Detailed reports are a big help, too. With these features, you'll be on track for better time management, more productivity, and making smarter choices for your business.

Enhance Responsibility and Oversight

The best time-tracking apps for general contractors do more than just clock hours and check off tasks. They're like having an extra set of eyes on the crew, making sure everyone's doing their bit. These apps help you keep tabs on the team and make sure they're pulling their weight.

With live tracking and reports, you can see who's where and how things are going, so you can sort out any hiccups quicksmart. This kind of watchful eye not only keeps everyone accountable but also helps build a team that takes responsibility for their work.

Maintain Precise Timekeeping Records

Spot-on timekeeping is a must-have in the best time-tracking apps for general contractors. In trades, time's money, and you want to make sure you're getting paid for every minute. 

Find an app that nails the details, whether it's logging in and out, keeping track of breaks, or timing tasks. It's all about having records that you can count on and that hold up if there are any questions. This isn't just about getting your crew paid right—it's also about building trust with your clients by being upfront and transparent.

Crafting Efficient Crew Schedules

Scheduling can be a real headache when you're running a trade crew. Get it wrong, and you're looking at wasted time, lost efficiency, and a hit to your profits. But get it right, and you're laughing all the way to the bank.

Look for apps that give you solid scheduling tools to make the most of your crew's time. Features like drag-and-drop scheduling, easy shift swaps, and reminders can make setting and adjusting schedules a breeze. 

By nailing your crew's schedule, you make sure you've got the right folks with the right skills on hand when the job needs doing. That means less waiting around and more getting stuff done, which is good news for everyone's productivity and your bottom line.

Optimizing Payroll Processes for Efficiency

Payroll can be a real pain point for trade businesses. Doing it by hand takes forever, and mistakes can mean upset workers who aren't seeing the right numbers on their checks. But it doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Look for apps that do the heavy lifting for you with automated payroll and links to accounting software. Features like auto tax calculations, tracking overtime, and direct deposit can take a lot of the hassle out of paying your crew. 

The best time-tracking apps don't just clock hours—they tie right into payroll, cutting out manual data entry and mistakes. That means less time crunching numbers and more time thinking about how to grow your construction company.

How ClockShark Helps Keep Track of Your General Employees

ClockShark isn't just another time-tracking app; it's a tool designed with tradies in mind. Here's how ClockShark can help you keep track of your crew:

  • Clock in with ease: ClockShark's mobile and web apps make it a breeze for your crew to clock in and out.
  • Stay compliant: Features like GPS time clock and overtime policy enforcement help you stay on the right side of the law.
  • Know your costs: ClockShark's detailed reports give you insights into labor costs, so you can make informed decisions.
  • Payroll made easy: ClockShark integrates with your payroll system, so you can say goodbye to manual calculations and errors.

Choosing the best time-tracking apps for general contractors can make a world of difference in your contracting business. So, take your time, weigh your options, and get started, making your life easier and your business more successful. Happy tracking!

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