Big Blue Pixel Review - Photo Measure Software

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Big Blue Pixel Review – Photo Measure Software

Big Blue Pixel offers a variety of mobile applications for photo editing, captioning, and other services. It allows the user to download the apps “Photo Measure” and “Perfect Captions.”

The website has buttons on the homepage that states the software company is in the planning stages of a new app that can be downloaded to the user’s operating device of choice, including, “iPhone” and “Android” operating systems. These new apps are “to make your life easier” according to the website. There is also a button on the homepage of the “big blue pixel” website that states a “Photography” app is being created with the slogan of, “Coming soon…the new app for your artistic needs.

Big Blue Pixel Features

Photo Measures

The “Photo Measures” app allows the user to take or upload a photo into the application. Next, the user can zoom in on the project. The user will then select a place to insert a measurement. After drawing the length of the size of the chosen project, the user manually inputs the numerical form of the frequency into the application. Options for the measure, style, and color you select by the manual input of the measurement is entered into the app.

There are ways to put angle measurements in the app as well. Just as if you are entering input for flat measurements you zoom in and pick your angel. After scaling the angel to where it should be visual, the application will automatically calculate the angle, yet you must enter the measurement manually. Within this app, the user has the option to open a text box above the project measurements, with the possibilities of text style and color. This app also allows the user to organize the photos being used, enabling the images to be named.

big blue pixel

The user can also share the images after the dimensions have been added. The software company, “big blue pixel” advertises that this app is perfect for someone who is moving, as they may input dimensions to ensure that their furniture will fit easily. The user can input both imperial and metric measurements into this application. It also makes this app suitable for someone who often redecorates as the dimensions of their home will be with them as they purchase new home decor or furnishings.

The users recommended to use the “Photo Measurer” app according to the “Big Blue Pixel’s” website are interior decorators, construction contractors and subcontractors, and real estate agents. This app possesses a Retina display for iPhone 4. The site does not indicate that any higher versions are supported.

Perfect Captions

The “Perfect Captions” application found under the “Apps” tab on the “Big Blue Pixel” website is an application that allows the user to take or upload a picture and add a caption to the photo. This application is a photo editor of sorts without lots of filters. Users may add text boxes and call out’s in all types of forms. The user may save drafts of the photos being edited by adding captions. Users can create albums and automatically save photos to the application. There is a drag and drop feature for moving photos from album to album within the app. There are both portrait and landscape modes.

The landscape mode has the caption go in angles that allow the landscape to be enjoyed by the viewer of the edited photo. Users may also rotate pictures when it is convenient. The “big blue pixel” website indicates that the application is a “Universal” app, making it compatible with most “Android” and “Apple” operating systems.

Under descriptions for the application on the “big blue pixel” website, some asterisks indicate the user should be on the lookout for new versions of the applications. The website has copyright for 2011. It is not clear if new versions of both applications are available or when the applications currently under construction will be available.

Also according to the “big blue pixel” website is states that the apps may be downloaded from the app store. It is clear that the “Photo Measurement” app may be downloaded from the “Google Play Store” and the “App Store,” however; it appears that the “Perfect Caption” application is only available for download at the “App Store.”

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