BuildingBlok Review - Construction Project Management Software

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BuildingBlok Review - Construction Project Management Software

The BuildingBlok software was created to be used by Architects, General Contractors, Sub Contractors or Engineers. It is a Web-Based system so it is flexible and can be used on most devices wherever you are connected to the internet. The Software is also accessible through a mobile application. The software is designed in a way so it can be purchased for individual tools the software offers or bundled with some or all of the tools.

BuildingBlok Features

Easy Interface

The BuildingBlok software has a central interface that allows all members of a company to collaborate on various projects easily. The collaborative interface helps increase the efficiency of your organization saving both time and money. Documents are easily created, reviewed and approved by your team collaboratively. The software allows financial and budget reports to be created in real-time to assist with overseeing the job cost.

Project Filing System

The Files and Photos tool in the BuildingBlok software offers a Construction Project filing system. There is unlimited storage, and by using this tool, team members can easily share their files in an instant. Each file can be protected with permissions, so only those with the correct access can see the documents. The Files and Photos tool makes it easy to find any file using the Blok Search feature. Utilizing this instrument gives your company one secure place to store all files where every team member can access it.


The Memos tool helps improve communication among construction professionals. The Memo tool assists with getting information out quickly to all or part of your team. The Memo log allows the tracking of the distribution of the memos. The monitoring system helps keep an audit trail of all memos sent. Notes can easily be created from the field using a smartphone or computer. After the message is created and sent, the team will receive an email notification alerting them about the memo.

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Project Management

The To-Do’s tool is a task list to assist with project management. This is an excellent tool to help create and assign tasks to team members. This tool assists with tracking tasks and has a log to help quickly check on the status of To-Dos. To-dos can be filtered by project, status or days waiting.


The Construction Bidding Software and Management Tool helps with creating bids quickly. Within this tool, you can manage your vendor list. Additional Contractors are contained within the software using the Blue book that can be accessed. Using the Bidding software you can track email bids sent to your bidders. Bidders can submit RFIs and bids to your company through the BuildingBlok software. Using the Bidding software, you can award contracts and then move right into managing the project all within the same platform.

Architect Collaboration

The ASI Construction Management software assists with communication and collaboration with your architect. Architects can easily submit ASIs online. Using the software you can collaborate and work out details easily during and after the design phase.

Team Integration

The RFI tool allows companies to help get answers faster. The RFIs can be created in the software by any team member and then it can be shared with the whole team quickly. This allows all members to give feedback quickly. RFIs stay organized with the project RFI Log.

Construction Submittal

The Construction Submittal Tracking Software Tool helps to save you time and increase transparency. Subcontractors can utilize this tool to create and attach any documents directly into the submittal. Each Submittal is marked so that you know has it assigned. Once you create submittals that are required the software will keep subcontractors up to date so that they know what they owe and when it’s due.

Punch List

The Punch List App tool allows the easy creation of punch-lists from the field. It makes it simple to add photos and assign the task to users or a company. The punch-list is easily tracked in the log.

BuildingBlok pricing

There are four bundle packages offered that include a package of tools. The pricing of the packages ranges from $50 a month to $500 a month. The tools provided by the BuildingBlok Software are Files & Photos, Memos, To-Dos, Bidding, ASIs, Daily Reports, RFIs, Submittals, Timesheets, Punch-Lists, Invoices, Change Orders, Pay Apps, and Financial Reports. When all the tools provided by BuildingBlok software are put together, it creates a program that covers the entire cycle of the management of a construction project.

The BuildingBlok software also offers an app for IOS. From your iPad or iPhone, go to and click on the link for the app, it will take you to Itunes. From there you will download the app. When you open the app, it will automatically populate a trial login so that you can demo how the software works.

BuildingBlok is a comprehensive software offering many flexible options to fit the needs of companies large and small.

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