Engica Software Review - Digital Work Control Solutions

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Engica Software Review - Digital Work Control Solutions

Engica software system is made to work specifically with asset-intensive and hazardous industries. Engica was created in 1981 (it was formerly called Huski Software but was renamed in 1986.) The Q4 Software “Control of Work” system they have created is designed to be customized to each business. The software is available on any device from anywhere making it very convenient to use.

Engica Software Features

There are three main components to the Engica Control of Work software, they include, Safety Management, Work Management, and Asset Management. The Safety Management system provides firm control for risk assessments, certificates, permits, hazard analysis, and other safety procedures. Within the Safety management system is the Permit to Work System. The Permit to work system coordinates Operational Risk assessments, Isolation, work orders, Certificates and Permits to work. Coordinating all of these together the software offers a web-based safe system of work solution. The life-cycle of the permits and license is followed up by the software. The software makes sure that all procedures and authorizations are completed.

The isolation Lockout Tagout System helps to manage the full isolation and de-isolation process. The system is designed to check the safety process to make sure that plant isolation has secured permits as required for a safe work environment. The system is set up to guide users through the setup of creating a separation certificate along with creating isolation points and assisting with checking for conflicts. Also, the software can share isolations with other work.

Engica Hazard Analysis Tool

As part of the safe work practice, the software authorizes sequences and verifies all areas of the process to confirm that all processes are being followed. The goal is to make sure that all hazardous energy or opening of equipment that could release a dangerous substance is performed in a controlled and safe manner to protect from any release of hazardous substances.

The Engica Q4 software has a Hazard Analysis tool that assists with managing, tracking and reporting all of a company’s safety data. It helps assess potential risks, defines controls and also minimizes risks. It is also sometimes referred to as Job Safety Analysis.

Engica Work Order System

The Work Order Software within the Engica Q4 system helps to monitor and capture the work details. It also requests safety work control documents. The Work Order system integrates with the Safety System so that they are automatically informing each separate system of the pertinent information needed. There is also an ability to configure this system to the needs of your company as well as to get detailed reports from both the Work Order system and the Safety system.

The work order system can be used on or offline. If work orders are created online, they can move to offline so that they can be utilized when a team member is not connected to the web. They can be resynchronized once the device is brought back online again.

Engica Dashboards

The Safety Dashboard system within the Engica software offers a live-work activity tracking system including alerts and notifications. The Key Performance Indicator Dashboard allows a company to take all of the data it receives from the various parts of the Engica software and utilize that data to analyze performance.

Engica Work Management System

The Work Management System encompasses the areas of preventive maintenance, outage modeling, and Gantt Planning, Coordinated Permit to Work, Event Monitoring, Work Specifications, and Scheduling, shift logs and hand-overs and more. The work scheduling tools help balance priorities, labor, safety, and resources. It helps manage planned or forced outage opportunities. There are many features within the Work Scheduling tool including email notifications, timesheets, work logs, analysis and reporting, forecasting, job reporting and assessment work planning and scheduling.

The Asset and Maintenance Management software within Engica is a system that has been used for over 20 years. It is composed of an Engineering, Work, Logistics and Safety Manager within the system. This system can be utilized via the cloud or “on-site” and is made to increase efficiency and cut down on repairs and enhance the life of a company’s assets. It is available in many languages.

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