eTakeoff Software Review

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eTakeoff Software Review

What is eTakeoff?

ETakeoff is software that provides a comprehensive estimating program for companies. There are a takeoff tool and an electronic viewer to assist all types of construction industries. The software integrates with other estimating software such as Sage, which is unique compared to other estimating software we have reviewed. The goal of the software is to streamline the estimating process to make it simpler and more accurate.

The software integrates the takeoff and process of estimating a smooth system. The eTakeoff Software is broken down into two parts, the eTakeoff Dimension, and the eTakeoff Bridge. The eTakeoff Dimension software works to help create precise takeoffs. It does this by using refined assemblies and a patented symbol search that is utilized for auto counting. It also can creatively breakdown work and an excellent database that makes retrieving your information easy.

eTakeoff features

The eTakeoff Bridge Software creates a strong foundation for efficiently transferring the takeoff information gathered from the Dimension software and moving it into the Sage estimating software. By utilizing Bridge and Sage estimating the software maps the relationships from the takeoff measurements and assemblies that are in the construction estimating database.

The bridge software learns the relationships and will automatically recall it whenever that assembly or item is then used again. The ability to automatically recall the relationship creates a huge time saver for the company. The eTakeoff software is 100% compatible with the Surface Pro 3, so it can be used on-site easily.


The eTakeoff software provides an easy to use ribbon bar interface. It is very similar to the Microsoft Office way of operating, so it takes no time at all to learn. When using the eTakeoff Dimension software, there is a help button for each tool. Simply hover over the button, and a help bubble pops up.


The help bubble is a nice feature since it saves you time searching through support information for how to do something, it has it connected to the item you need the help with immediately. The dimension software is run on a fast database. The database automatically stores the measurements that you take as you perform take off. As your company and information grow the database grows with you. So you don’t need to worry about later needing to convert to a bigger SQL engine and moving all of your information over. The system has database security with only certain administrators having access to make changes to all elements of the database.

These are password-protected accounts so no one else can make unauthorized changes. PDF drawing files can easily be uploaded into eTakeoff, so you will have your files up and loaded in minutes and ready to use. eTakeoff allows multi-user simultaneous access to the same documents and projects. Various users can work at the same time without conflict so that estimators can work together at the same time on projects.

eTakeoff offers an option to add an optional client/server engine to help improve speed throughout the network. This is so as the traffic on your network increases it splits the load between the desktop and the server. Having the Client/Server option will improve the stability of the system. 

eTakeoff Software Review


The eTakeoff system offers some innovative ideas for taking measurements. You can create formulas for your defined variables. You can use work breakdowns to add items such as location, numbers, etc. to your measurements.

The amount of work breakdown categories is unlimited. You will then have the ability to add values for each category to be added to measures. You can use the filter option to hide or show measurements that contain individual Work Breakdown codes. There are specialty tools that can be utilized such as Riser, joist, roll, Grid, Hip/Valley. These are predefined but can be customized by the user.

eTakeoff Review

The eTakeoff Bridge software has mapping technology. This technology teaches the Bridge software how you work and adapts to your system. The system of eTakeoff Bridge is flexible, allowing for variations of workflow method ranging from fully automatic to manual. The Bridge system will automatically find any changed takeoff information and update the Estimate; this is done without destroying the already existing estimate.

To try eTakeoff go to They offer a free trial for 15 days. You can click on the “Free Trial” button. You will be prompted to the download necessary free trial license button. You will need to input your personal and company information then click “get license.” You will then be able to download the software and try it out for 15 days.

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