FallSafety Pro Review - Health & Safety Solutions

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FallSafety Pro Review – Health & Safety Solutions

FallSafety Pro is a mobile application that monitors for falls on a construction site. It designed for companies who have individuals who work at great heights (or people who work on their own) and are at risk for falls. The application is used on an iPhone or Android device to detect if a person falls.

FallSafety Pro Features

The software uses an algorithm that was created to detect falls as well as person-down events. The application also uses the accelerometer and other device sensors on your phone to precisely identify if there has been a fall. This application is also available to be loaded on the Apple watch which acts as a remote control for the application. When a drop occurs, the countdown clock for the alarm will show on the watch so that it can be turned off quickly if needed. If there was a fall, it could be used for emergency response calls that might be incoming.

The FallSafety Pro application is always working while you are. It checks in at ten-minute intervals to make sure that the application is operating correctly on your phone and will communicate with your contacts in an emergency.

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Automatic Fall Detection

The Automatic Fall Detection algorithm utilizes the sensors that are built into the iPhone and most Android phones to respond when it identifies a fall and contacts help automatically. When the application detects a fall, it sounds an alarm. If the worker does not turn off the alarm in forty-five seconds, then the emergency contacts are notified. There are two alarms with different sounds. The first alarm is the countdown alarm for the forty-five seconds that a worker can tell the app they are ok. The second alarm sound is a siren alarm and is to assist rescuers to find your exact location.

Emergency Contacts

The emergency contacts are notified via phone call, text and email. The forty-five-second window helps prevent false alarms and your emergency contacts being told unnecessarily. The application transmits your precise GPS location with a detailed map and pushpin to your emergency contacts so there can be a quick response time if a fall has occurred.

The emergency contacts can click the GPS-enabled driving directions sent to them on their phones so that they can get to the accident site quicker. An alert will show on your phone that the fall notification has been sent to your emergency contacts.

When a user or company begins using the application one of the first steps will be to set up the emergency contacts within the application. The contacts can be entered by the firm or the worker her or himself. Adding the contacts is very simple and only takes about a minute. It is similar to adding a phone contact on your mobile device.

In the emergency contact area, you can put the person’s name, email address, phone number, and text number. Three emergency contacts can be entered in the application. These are easily updated or changed if needed.

Safety Dashboard

The safety dashboard is a great feature for companies using FallSafety Pro. This feature gives access to real-time updates on workers who are on-site and their security. It is easy to use and allows the administrator to add and update emergency contact information for employees quickly.

In the safety dashboard, you can also see the application usage and system status. The portal provides a reporting tool to gather information on safety policies and procedures.

FallSafety Pro offers a free ten-day trial, to try it out only head over to the site. Then you will need to fill in your name, company, email and cell number. They will text you a link to the application. They send both an IOS and an Android link. Choose the one that you need, and you will be taken to the application in either the Google Play Store or the iTunes store.

You will need to download the application to your phone. The next step is to click continue once you load the application. The application takes you through an overview of FallSafety Pro and how it works that you can review. Once you go through the outline, you will be prompted to fill in your contact information to sign up. Try out FallSafety Pro today and make your day a little safer.

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