Fingertec TA300 – Fingerprint Time Clock Review

Category: Tools | By ClockShark | 2 minute read | Updated Aug 10, 2013
Fingertec TA300 – Fingerprint Time Clock Review

The Fingertec TA300 is a desktop employee time clock that uses fingerprint recognition to identify workers. The clock is portable and the company says it is ideal for on the go setups like trade shows, construction workers, and training centers. The clock is connected to a PC via a USB connection and punches download to a local software program (not a cloud software solution) where you can print reports and edit times, etc.

From the Product description:

TA300 is the latest time attendance machine from FingerTec® that works like a mobile gadget, a desktop standalone fingerprint reader that does not require installation. The simplicity and mobility of TA300 makes it suitable for tasks that require attendance on the go such as training centers, tuition centers, construction workers, etc. Having an internal battery that can last up to 5 hours of normal usage, TA300 is not only competitively priced, it also provides extra convenience to users. TA300 model is ideal for small and medium companies that are looking for a cost effective time clocking system that can increase efficiency in managing human resources.

Fingertec TA300 features

This is a reasonably priced clock and may be a great fit for certain types of businesses that require the portability of having a relatively small workforce. Since there is no cloud component or ability to network the software we wonder if this type of clock is well fit for a larger workforce of say 25 or more employees.

This clock seems like a good fit for smaller businesses such a retail shops, where employees start and stop their shifts at the same location and there is not a need for multiple clocks throughout a building or across multiple buildings.

The clock uses fingerprint recognition, which is a common biometric technique used to discourage buddy punching. Although it offers some advantages, fingerprint recognition must be trained for each employee. Although generally reliable, it can occasionally take a couple tries for an employee to successfully clock in or out. This is one of the concerns you will see reported in the Amazon reviews.

However, overall this clock is very well reviewed on and at the time of writing this article had received 31 reviews with an average of 4 out of 5 stars. Although we have not had the opportunity to use this clock, based on our research we believe for the right small business, it is probably an acceptable solution. It is, however, probably not an appropriate solution for larger businesses with multiple locations or a larger workforce requiring multiple time clocks in different locations.

Worth considering is that this clock is made in China by a Chinese Company not just manufactured overseas. According to their website, they do use a US Based Firm to represent them here, for whatever that is worth. Although this setup seems a bit sketchy as far as support, the Amazon reviews claim the product support is very good.

Below are some videos showing the fingerprint enrollment and desktop software.

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