Mobile Site Diary App Reviews - Construction Field Management Software

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Mobile Site Diary App Reviews - Construction Field Management Software

The Mobile Site Diary application is a powerful tool for creating event records. The program is intuitive and easy to use, saving time and streamlining the diary entry process.

The Mobile Site Diary application assists with collaboration among team members by allowing users to create an event quickly, tag team members, and share the facts smoothly. Diary events can be generated and approved in the application or the desktop. Photos can be uploaded with event diary entries as well as weather information, allowing more detailed information into each entry.

The Mobile Site Diary app offers offline support for the instances where connectivity is lost, enabling you to use your app even in remote locations. The application is available for Windows, Android or IOS devices.

Mobile Site Diary App Reviews

Site Diary Features

Using the Mobile Site Diary Application is simple. To generate a custom report the user only needs to follow four easy steps. First, they select the site they are working on that the event occurred. The next step is to choose to add a report. The third is to fill out the form with the essential details, and then the final step is to take photos that you want to add to your report. This quick process saves you and your employees’ time and effort.

Automatic Updates

The stories can be shared in real-time and allow for sharing of the progress and issues to the whole team. Having matters shared immediately gives your business the ability to deal with site risk quickly and safely, and having detailed reports in your diary can help to quickly resolve any future claims.

Report Location

The event report form is a time-saving solution that can save hours a day for your workers. It only takes two minutes to record an event using the simple interface. It has multiple tabs to guide you through, including the Title of the event, the location it occurred at, who should be tagged in this report, along with other tags (such as safety, etc.), the labor involved in the event, the plant, the description, and any photos. The location can provide the exact location when working on a large site. For example, you can put that you are working on the West Wing, on the third floor, in room 20, giving you a precise location of the event.

Customizable Labour and Plant

The Labor and Plant types can be customized for each site depending on what you are using and your needs. Having the form take you through the steps ensures that all details will be notated and that it can be done efficiently. Once an event is recorded in the construction site, it will get synchronized with the members of your company in real-time. The activities created can be approved and viewed through the Site Diary’s back office.

Claims History

When a claim arises having the Site Diary application will ensure that you can resolve your claims quicker. The events are detailed and recorded along with the weather conditions at the time, the contractor’s name and who submitted the report. It is also possible to see if the story was accepted.

Export Reports

The Mobile Site Diary allows you to export your reports through the back office. Statements can be taken to a PDF or CSV file for further use, and customized with the company brand. All data within the Site Diary application stored on a secure server so that it can’t be lost or stolen.

Mobile Site Diary offers a 30-day trial that includes all of their features in the test so customers can get a feel for if the product will work for them. The pricing for the application is either by month or annually, in which case there is a lower monthly rate. Payment can be made through the online store or a wire transfer. The Application offers email and phone support to its customers. To try the 30-Day trial click on the free trial link and fill out your name, company name and email address and click sign up.

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