Our Safety Kit Software Review

Category: Tools | By ClockShark | 2 minute read | Updated Jan 26, 2018
Our Safety Kit Software Review

The Our Safety Kit System was started in New Zealand in 2014 with the goal of creating a system that will help make small and medium businesses safer and healthier. It was also designed to help with the safety and health of schools. The Our Safety Kit system has everything an organization needs in one place.

The Our Safety Kit helps businesses and schools create a framework for their safety plan by using the tools in the system. The Safety Kit breaks down the safety planning and creation into manageable steps with templates to help with the process. They break it down into the process of creating a policy for the company or school, managing the risks that are involved in their organization and recording any incidents. Safety Kit is web-based so it can be accessed from any device from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our Safety Kit Features

The first step that Our Safety Kit takes a team through is to create their policy on safety and health. There is a template within the Our Safety Kit software to help with this process. The next step is to look at the Risks and Hazards of their particular workplace.


The Safety Kit has some predefined hazards that are standard for their type of company that they can use. The company can then add hazards that they don’t have listed in the kit. Then the kit leads you through assessing the level of the risk for each hazard. Once that part is complete you will then consider if there is anything you can do to improve the risk level and reduce some of your hazards.


There is a library within the Kit that lists all of the hazards, information, and policies. In the library, you can download or upload any information you want for your framework. The library is the place to develop the training plan and store it for employees to review. There is 1 GB of storage available to use. There is also a convenient search function if you have trouble finding something within the kit that you are looking for.

Emergency Readiness section

Once the risks and hazards are documented, the kit will take you through the step of creating an emergency plan. In the dashboard, they have an Emergency Readiness section that helps review actions to take in possible emergency situations. In this section, your company will input contact information as well as areas that will be used for evacuation.

Culture & Engagement section

The Kit also has a Culture & Engagement section. The Culture and Engagement section is a place that helps companies with how to get all of their staff involved with safety. There is a diary to help keep track of the activities your group performs regarding health and safety. It will suggest tasks, and emails to send out to employees. There is a training section that the company can have all new hires access to read up on all plans and policies regarding safety and health in the workplace.


The Safety Kit has a section on the dashboard for Injuries and incidents. In this area, any incident that happens will be recorded detailing what happened. If it is a serious event, it can be marked along with the forms required if necessary. Any incident needs to be handled appropriately and documented precisely as it happened. This section helps detail all the information in an organized way.

Our Safety Kit offers a free 30-day trial. To check it out go to their website and click the “try it free” link. Put in your email and then verify your email. Once you confirm your email, you will be taken to the screen to put in your name and password. You will need to select if you are a business or a school. When you login you are greeted with a dashboard that shows your Safety Framework, Risk/Hazards, Culture and Engagement, Emergency Readiness, Injuries/incidents, Library, the Framework status as well as a settings option.

These options are all conveniently located on a menu on the left side of the screen. When you first log on, there is a tour you can take to help you get to know the system. The tour highlights each area of the left menu sidebar and what it covers.

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