Project Doc Control Review

Category: Tools | By ClockShark | 2 minute read | Updated Aug 4, 2017
Project Doc Control Review

What is Project Document Control?

In this Project Doc Control review, we set out to see if it can make project and document management easier. Project Doc Control is run by a team of architects, engineers and construction technology professionals who are all very familiar with the needs of subcontractors in the field. Project Doc Control uses one secure centralized database to store all of the information that is input into it. This helps keep a clear trail of documentation and keeps everything secure.

Project Doc Control Features

Track conversations

By utilizing Project Doc Control I have been able to create, manage and track all of my documents easily across all of my ongoing projects. It is easy to keep track of what still needs to be done on a project, what supplies need to be ordered and what our next steps are. In addition, the software tracks emails, correspondence and change orders to help keep on top of changes and issues. A feature I find particularly useful is the ability to track phone conversations and have them summarized so that issues can be tracked and logged.

There is also an add-in option for MS Outlook that allows our email to be integrated into our projects. All we have to do is right-click on an email in Outlook and choose the project and it copies the email right into the correspondence log. This gives us an automatic trail to be able to refer to if we need to view the correspondence for the project.

There have been many times this feature has saved the day for me as I was scrambling to double-check on an agreed upon project detail. Being able to quickly find the email with the information I needed to be allowed the project to continue quickly in the right direction.

Customized Templates

Another great correspondence feature is that we are able to build customized Microsoft Word templates specific to our company. The RFI (Request For Information) tracking system that they have within Project Doc Control has allowed our company to easily generate RFI’s and to get notified when replies are overdue. We are also able to easily link documents and drawings so that everything we need is easily accessible. So far we are impressed with our Project Doc Control review. I love that with Project Doc Control I can attach my cut sheets and draw directly to my submittal log.

This really streamlines the process. Once completed, I am able to track the status easily and see if there is a response, approval or a revision request. There is a really simple module for equipment tracking that allows us to see all our rented equipment and tools and where we are using them. It also shows our rental periods so we can keep track of the costs for our equipment.

Track and manage contracts

Our contracts are tracked and managed within Project Doc Control which makes it easy to check on the details of each project. Drawings for our projects are logged and tracked within the software so that we are able to see any important drawings and revisions that we need to make note of. Overall, the Project Doc Control software has reduced our project management costs and assisted us in staying on top of the many details of our projects.

Project Doc Control Review: See For Yourself

If you are interested in checking out Project Doc Control, head over to their webpage and select the “schedule my free demo” link. From there you will be prompted to fill out the contact information form so that a Project Doc Control staff member can get in touch with you to help you get started.

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