Qvidian Review - Proposal Management Software

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Qvidian Review - Proposal Management Software

The Qvidian Proposal software is made to assist companies with creating individualized sales documents faster. The goal of the software is to increase overall sales by decreasing the response time for getting proposals completed. The software allows companies to coordinate as a team to create the involved documents required for sales proposals.

The software ensures that accurate information is being submitted for each project. When companies use the Qvidian software, the RFPs created have a consistent appearance. The software also helps generate PowerPoint presentations with the information input into Qvidian.

Qvidian Software Features

Through the Qvidian software, a company’s sales information is accessed, managed, delivered and developed. The Software is cloud-based, so it can be accessed regardless of where a team member is and what device they are using. The proposal automation software is customizable so that as an RFP goes through the process, the necessary changes can be made to meet the requirements of the customer.

Real-time Collaboration

The Qvidian software helps companies quickly access and manage their information, so it is up to date and compliant. The system stores the software in a single area and organizes it in a way so that it is easily found. The content can be shared throughout the organization. Businesses can utilize search features, library reference codes and contains links to help locate the content they need. Creating the library allows future RFPs to be set up in a faster manner because most of the information can populate automatically.

Ensure Compliance

The software ensures that content is kept compliant and current through its review automation feature. The system has profiles that can be set up for different members of an organization so that each profile sees particular content that relates to their work. Since the software allows each team member to have their access to enter and edit information it allows company personnel to enter critical input into the software when they have time. Each team member having access turns out a better quality product in less time.


Having this simple system to submit the content and its automated review of information and reminders regarding projects helps get the process moving quickly. The system has automated notifications so that the team is reminded if they have a task that needs to be completed for the proposal.

Each team member will get notifications and reminders for their part; this prevents those long back and forth emails that get lost and forgotten. The workspace on the Qvidian software is easy to use, and each can see all of their assigned tasks in one place. From their dashboard, they can edit and review as well as respond to each upcoming proposal.

Measure Performance

The Qvidian software can help businesses measure and track their processes. Creating and submitting RFP’s can be a tight timeline that requires attention to deadlines and details. Qvidian allows companies to analyze how each member of the company is working to get the proposals completed. Supervisors can check due dates and the review cycle of their employees and take action when necessary.

The software provides insights into where there might be difficulties and improvements to be made. By tracking productivity and managing the projects with more detail, it can help improve the businesses process and save revenue.

Professional Documents

The software is very user-friendly. It includes Microsoft Word Templates along with Step by step Wizards. You can upload in bulk and configure the system to meet the needs of your company. Drafts can be edited in a central location. The Qvidian system is specifically tailored to each company, so it works for that business.

Utilizing the reports and automated reviews and notifications the Qvidian system also saves team members valuable time. They no longer have to spend a lot of time double-checking with other team members and setting up meetings. It is all in one place. The supervisors and senior management can easily see where improvements are needed without spending hours to figure out what is happening. The Qvidian system streamlines the RFP process.

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